National Senior Health and Fitness Day

nshfd_logoWednesday, May 25, 2016, is the 23rd annual National Senior Health and Fitness Day. This year at least 100,000 older adults will participate in activities at more than 1,000 locations throughout the U.S. as we celebrate a common goal for this day: help keep older Americans healthy and fit.

One way for seniors to keep fit is with chair exercises. These exercises are good for those with low mobility, balance problems, injuries, and pain management. Chair aerobics improve circulation, muscle strength, vitality, and can be beneficial for pain relief as well.

Nasco has a number of Chair Exercise DVDs that will appeal to the entire spectrum of senior citizens, whether at home or at an assisted center. Chair Dancing® Fitness is a no-impact aerobic fitness program that is safe and medically sound. Chair Dancing® Fitness Sit Down & Tone Up (SN00855C) will strengthen, tone, and shape your arms, shoulders, legs, abdominal and back muscles. Chair Dancing® Fitness Life’s a Celebration (SN31574C) encourages exercise to timeless party music while improving muscle tone, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. And Chair Dancing® Fitness Through the Decades (SN00857C) combines aerobic fitness while seated to music such as the Charleston, Big Band Swing, Motown, Disco, and Hip-Hop. All Chair Dancing® DVDS are subtitled for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Sit and be Fit™ DVDs are designed for senior citizens and those with limited physical motion. Stretch & Strengthen! (SN35883C) includes chair exercises that strengthen, stretch, and improve overall functions of the body. Sit and Be Fit™ Diabetes and Balance Workouts (SN36306C) contains exercises for improving circulation and multilevel exercises for improving leg strength, flexibility, and eye tracking, along with suggestions for diet. Sit and Be Fit™ Osteoporosis and Brain Workouts (SN36307C) improve postural stability, core strength, and balance control while keeping the mind flexible and active.

Armchair Fitness is an award-winning program that has been enthusiastically received in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Sit-Down-Dancing (SN01808C) combines just the right amount of safe exercise with the uplifting entertainment of dance. Armchair Fitness: Yoga Health (SN01985C) contains routines of breathing, stretching, and yoga movements while seated in a chair. And Armchair Fitness: Gentle Exercise (SN01984C) is designed for persons with limited strength and range of motion, improving flexibility and coordination, lowering blood pressure, and strengthening hand, arm, and leg strength.

Our Chair Yoga DVD (SN31235C) is effective in producing the body’s relaxation response and an elevated sense of harmony and well being, making this an experience appropriate for almost anyone who has a low to moderate level of function.

The Stars & Stripes Fitnesscize DVD (SN31233C) provides chair-type exercise broken into three segments, which can be used one at a time for shorter sessions or back-to-back for a longer session. The program has a patriotic theme with songs that will have you smiling as you stretch, move, and breathe.

A unique tool for seniors of all ages is the DVD The ROM Dance: A Range of Motion Exercise, Relaxation, and Pain Management Program (SN02731C). This unique exercise and relaxation training program is for people with pain and other physical limitations (arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, etc.). Range of motion exercises are combined with basic principles of Tai Chi Ch’uan, teaching listeners to relax despite the pain, to move gently and slowly to maintain the ability to move, and to develop an awareness of subtle changes in their body. This DVD includes quiet music and a poem that evokes light and well-being.

Celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day every day with the relaxation and exercise techniques found in Nasco’s Senior Activities catalog. Feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Center at 1.800.558.9595, or visit our website at


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Healthcare Catalog for 2016-2017 is Now Here!

16Healthcare01_final The 2016-2017 Healthcare Educational Materials catalog, featuring Life/form® Highly Specialized Skills Trainers, Manikins, and Simulators, is now available from Nasco in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, and Modesto, California.

The 220-page catalog includes Life/form® products that are manufactured by Nasco, along with many other teaching aids and models of outstanding quality. The major emphasis of the catalog is training with versatile medical procedure simulators that help give students confidence and solve the problem of finding willing “patients” for invasive student practice.

The catalog features these new Life/form® products: the new and improved Intubatable Micro-Preemie Simulator, Newborn Nursing Skills and ALS Simulator, Clots and Hemorrhages Moulages, Common Breast Conditions Replicas, and much more. The catalog continues to offer the Advanced Injection Arm; Advanced IV Hand; Diabetic Injection Trainers; First-Aid Arm; PALS Update Kit; Infant Airway Management Trainers; Intraosseous Infusion Simulators; Basic Buddy®, Baby Buddy™, and CPR Prompt® CPR Manikins; the GERi™ and KERi™ Nursing Skills Manikins; Venatech IV Trainer; Patient Education Tracheostomy Care Set; Advanced Sanitary CPR Dog; and BioQuest® Inflatable Lung Kits featuring real NASCO-Guard® Preserved swine lungs. All Life/form® products are handcrafted in the U.S.A with ISO 9001 quality standards and feature the Life/form® five-year warranty.

Other products include the CPARLENE® CPR Manikins and Torsos — the most versatile and interchangeable CPR manikins available anywhere. The CRiSis™ Manikin is a Complete Resuscitation System with six stations, allowing you to practice different scenarios. The Child CRiSis™ Manikin and Infant CRiSis™ Manikin provide complete PALS training capabilities in one manikin. These features make this manikin line great for introductory classes, as well as advanced students. Add our full line of moulage products to complete many training scenarios.

The catalog also offers breast self-exam models, reproductive anatomy and gynecological models, anatomical models and replicas, skeletal materials, food and nutrition guidelines and replicas, Medcom/Trainex DVDs, anatomical charts, multimedia kits, games, and a complete line of Life/form® accessories.

Visit Nasco Healthcare Educational Materials regularly online at to review resource materials, new products, and special website sale items. Nasco Healthcare can also be found on Facebook at

For your free copy of Nasco’s 2016-2017 Healthcare Educational Materials catalog, call 1.800.558.9595, order online at; or write to Nasco, 901 Janesville Avenue, P.O. Box 901, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538-0901.

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Astronomy Day is Near!

Astronomy allows us to see the history of the universe with our own eyes.

International Astronomy Day is an annual event in the United States intended to provide a means of interaction between the general public and various astronomy enthusiasts, groups, and professionals. This year it falls on May 16, so what better way to prepare for this celebration than some astro things from Nasco?

Start with the spectacles in the sky closest to us. How about a poster of the planets? Nasco’s Solar System Planets Poster (SB48885M) is a stunning representation of the solar system. Relative size and distance are explained, along with the moons of each planet. Another great poster of the planets is our Planet Poster (SB42980M), which shows the correlated distance between the sun and planets, as well as the size of each. Would you like a separate poster for each planet? We have that as well. The Planets Poster Set (SB21311M) uses NASA photos or artists’ drawings to take us on a journey through the solar system. Includes 8 posters and teacher’s guide.

Nasco’s Phases of the Moon Poster (SB37751M) or the jumbo size version (SB49897M) bring the phases of our closest planet right into your room. The Milky Way Galaxy Poster (SB47101M) shows a new and different view of our galaxy, with detailed information and insights developed by a university astronomer about our ever-changing home in space.

Moving through the galaxy, you can share science’s greatest discoveries with Bill Nye in Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye: Astronomy DVD (SB40844M). This popular DVD covers Einstein’s theory of general relativity, demonstrates how the Hubble Telescope determined that the universe is expanding, and explains phenomena such as quasars and pulsars.

The If We Had No Moon (SB44587M) DVD shows how an ancient rogue planet collided with Earth millions of years ago and created our moon, and what life would be without it. An epic three-part DVD series to get you excited about the stars and beyond is Man vs. the Universe Set (SB51173M). This miniseries unveils an unprecedented era of space exploration that is happening right now.

And for the true astronomy lover, nothing is more fun and educational than the How the Universe Works 9 pk. DVD Set (SB51170M). Explore the giants of our solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, and the universe beyond. An expert panel of astronomers, astrophysicists, and planetary scientists reveal the inner workings of our vast universe.

Hands-on studies and equipment are truly the best way to explore the stars and beyond. The Constellation Globe (SB28577M) is a two-way illuminated globe: Turn the light off and brilliant lithography delineates the firmament’s stars, constellations, and nebulae; turn the light on and witness the luminous beauty of over 70 celestial images.

Our Transparent Celestial Globe (SA02872M) fully rotates, showing principal stars to the 5th magnitude. And our Transparent Color-Coded Star Globe (SB49116M) depicts the constellations, Milky Way, and major stars in three dimensions.

No celebration of Astronomy Day is complete without a telescope to check out the stars. Nasco has a number of styles to meet your astral needs.

To begin your celestial search, use the Luminous Star Finder with Zodiac Dial (SA09162M). For more serious night sky watchers, Nasco has a great selection of telescopes for the novice as well as the seasoned astronomer.

The Celestron® 80LCM Computerized Telescope (SB51153M) features “TheSkyX – First Light Edition” astronomy software with a 10,000-object database, printable sky maps, and 75 enhanced images; the database allows the telescope to locate over 4,000 celestial objects.

The Celestron® PowerSeeker® Telescope (SB48930M) is the perfect combination of quality, value, features, and power for the first-time user. The Celestron® National Park Foundation FirstScope (SB51155M) is a great introduction to the hobby of astronomy; it doesn’t get much simpler or more portable than this tabletop Dobsonian design. Just insert an eyepiece and you’re ready to view the moon, planets, nebulae, and more. Visit our astronomy pages online for more detailed explanations of these and many other practical, quality reflector and refractor telescopes.

Come visit our Science catalog at for all your Astronomy – and Science – needs.

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FCS Lesson Plans Prepare Students for Future

NP102_09Consumer education is an important part of everyone’s life. Whether it’s eating right, learning about foods and cooking, or getting along with other people, everyone could use a little help in spreading the word.

Nasco’s Family and Consumer Sciences website offers a wide variety of materials and resources for Family and Consumer Science professionals. Each kit contains the national standard the plan meets, objectives, and a materials list to help carry out various experiments and scenarios.

Take a look at some of our lesson plans:

FCS Lessons 1: Nutrition. “It’s In the Bag” will help students critique nutritional data of meals and provide reasoning for substitutions.

FCS Lesson 10: International Foods. Students will analyze the role of family in teaching culture and traditions across the lifespan, and will present written responses to a series of questions about cultural food heritage.

FCS Volume 11: Clothing & Textiles/Career, Community, & Life Connections. Participants will demonstrate skills needed to produce a textile product or apparel, investigate “key components” of work ethics and relationships to multiple adult roles, and construct a fiber arts project as a means to access their work ethic.

FCS Volume 18: Human Development. This lesson plan helps analyze the effect of heredity and environment on human growth and development. Students will construct a timeline of human embryo/fetal growth and development.

FCS Lesson 19: Nutrition and Wellness. Discover and utilize the MyPlate food guide to gain updated nutritional information, apply various dietary guidelines that meet nutrition and wellness needs, and differentiate between labeling on food items that is reliable versus not factual.

FCS Lesson 32: Beef Basics. In this lesson, participants will learn how to read a meat label to determine what type and where on the animal the meat is coming from, identify the primal beef cuts and the relative tenderness of each, and differentiate between locomotion and suspension muscles.

FCS Lesson 23: Cookie Capers. Students will learn to analyze food, equipment and supplies needed for menus; utilize weight and measurement tools; learn safe handling and professional preparation techniques; demonstrate sensitivity to diversity to individuals with special needs; and practice reading, halving, and doubling recipes.

FCS Lesson 27: Get Connected! This PDF shows students how to appreciate the value of healthy, long-term friendships; how to connect with positive, like-minded people; how to avoid people who drag you down; and identify the qualities of a good friend.

FCS Lesson 30: Learning to Manage Your Personal Finances. Students will learn the importance of spending less than they earn, the importance of using credit wisely, and how to set and work toward short-term and long-term financial goals.

FCS Lesson Plan 35: Kitchen Math. Students will demonstrate food safety and sanitation; practice good personal hygiene/health procedures; use communication, problem solving, and teamwork skills to prepare a simple recipe; and identify proper measuring tools and measure ingredients correctly.


Help yourself and your class develop the traits needed to succeed in today’s world with Nasco’s free FCS Lesson Plans. All plans include the plan itself, references, and tips for teachers and parents on how to best use the downloadable PDF.

Visit the Family and Consumer Services website often for new plans and activities. If you need suggestions and ideas to go along with your nutrition plans, feel free to call our Customer Service Center at 1.800.558.9595, or visit our website at


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Spring is Here – and So Are Nasco’s 2016 Catalogs!

NASCO BLUEBeen wanting to update? Change things around? Add to your wares? Nasco has introduced a number of new catalogs with the latest and most popular products to make your slide from spring to summer an easy one.

Start with the Art Teacher’s Favorite Catalog – Nasco’s Arts & Crafts catalog. Over 2,600 new products have been added to this year’s catalog, including tried-and-true materials that help artists of all ages create amazing work. Choose from a wide variety of products for all phases of art including ceramics, painting, writing, jewelry making, printmaking, airbrushing, sculpture, tile crafts, and more.

Science enthusiasts will enjoy Nasco’s 2016 Science catalog, which features the latest science teaching instruments, equipment, and supplies for the Science lover. Come browse our top-quality teaching aids, experimental kits, and visuals for all areas of science: general science, biology, chemistry, earth science, life science, AP®, technology, and STEM-related items.

Nasco’s 2016 Farm & Ranch catalog features over 700 new products, in addition to a current selection of several thousand items that can be used on all types of farms, including organic and hobby farms. Special sections spotlight livestock ID, veterinary supplies, showing and grooming supplies, testing equipment, dairy supplies, learning aids, horse essentials, pest control, and farm home products.

Spring is the time for action, and what better way to get yourself and others in shape than by perusing our 2016 Physical Education catalog? This current catalog features thousands of products selected especially for professionals and enthusiasts in health, physical education, recreation, dance, coaching, nutrition, movement and balance, climbing, and exercise.

Nasco’s 2016 Family & Consumer Sciences catalog is the perfect way to provide hands-on learning applicable to every day, including parenting, budgeting, social pressures, and life skills. The catalog also includes an enhanced culinary selection, and an entire section devoted to sewing machines and supplies, crafts, and notions.

No curriculum is complete without the latest mathematical teaching aids, supplies, and equipment for elementary, middle school, and secondary math programs from Nasco’s 2016 Math catalog. The catalog has added over 400 new products this year, including manipulatives, calculators, games, resource books, and more!

Senior citizens and their caretakers can truly benefit from the products from our 2016 Senior Activities catalog. The catalog features hundreds of products for activity directors, rehab therapists, assisted living personnel, and independent living residents.

Nasco’s 2016 Special Education catalog offers hundreds of specially selected products with a wide range of supplies for fine and gross motor skills, communication and adaptive communication, computer equipment and software, assistive technology, social studies and science, transition skills, game, sensory integration, and more.

Nasco’s 2016 Hands-On Health catalog features the latest teaching aids for health educators. This 140-page catalog includes anatomical models, charts, computer software, and books that cover topics such as sex education, AIDS, alcohol and other drugs, sports medicine, nutrition, and more.

Nasco and its family of catalogs have something for everyone. For a free copy of any of our catalogs, call 1.800.558.9595, or order online at


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Earth Day

thBy now everyone has heard of Earth Day. Celebrated on April 22nd, Earth Day is a day of education and celebration about the Earth’s environment. More than a billion people worldwide celebrate it each year, and it encourages changes in human behavior that will provoke future policy changes.

Nasco has long been an advocate of the environment, and we have plenty of products to help you celebrate.

Make Earth Science fun while covering subjects like geology, astronomy, and meteorology with our Earth Science Battle (SB49997M). A Nasco Exclusive, the game encourages cooperative learning while using key applications.

Our InQuizaQuest® Earth Science Game (SB49989M), complete with DVD, employs an interactive game show-style format featuring six different categories, including Rocks and Minerals and Erosion and Weathering. Or discover the biomes of North America with the EcoQuest® Biomes Comparison Kit (SB38148M). This game acquaints students with different geographical landscapes and environments.

Who will survive? The many factors that affect survival come to play in Nasco’s Lucky Mammal Survival Game (SB49559M). Create an animal and see if it is able to adapt to a changing environment. Know much about ecosystems? Explore the world’s land and water systems by focusing on climate and life within the habitats with the Ecosystems Challenge (SB49732M) card game.

Nasco also has fun posters to help everyone learn about the Earth and its fragile habitats. Our Habitats Learning Chart Combo Pack (SB47736M) introduces students to diverse natural habitats through these teacher-created charts. Activities are included on the back of each chart, which includes Deserts, Forests, Coral Reefs, Tundras, Grasslands, and Wetlands.

How about some Go Green Activities to get your interest going? 5-Minute Go Green Activities Book (WA28144M) are quick, easy, and effective activities that allow children (and adults!) to get thinking about easy ways to incorporate green practices, including water use, transportation, food choices, and more. Our Environmental Situation Cards (C29136M) present 50 common environmental issues affecting people in all parts of the world, and ask questions for the reader to consider and address, including global warming, ecology, and fossil fuels.

Earth Day can be celebrated in many different ways. Besides learning about the environment with our games and cards, you can single-handedly help the environment by planting wildflowers, flowers that attract butterflies, or grow an organic garden.

You can read more about Earth Day at its official site,

Questions on any of our products? Feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Center at 1.800.558.9595, or visit our website,




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To Bead or Not to Bead

BeadsNothing says Spring like new jewelry! And nothing is more satisfying than making your own. That’s where Nasco’s Arts & Crafts catalog comes in. We are bursting with all the materials you need to make your one-of-a-kind artwork.

Start with the basics. Necklace? How about a nice black cord? We carry Stretch Magic® Black Silkies® cord with clasps (9729623), Necklace Kit Group Pack (9726849), or just the cord itself (9723727). Need chain? We have individual 18” chains in silver (5400137) and gold (9737807), or Remembrance® Necklace Memory Wire (9721281).

Next comes clasps. Nasco carries everything from Toggles (9729927) to Barrel Clasps (4400296) to a Findings Starter Kit (9730912) that includes lobster claws, fishhooks, and pin backs.

Making a bracelet? How aboutRemembrance® Bracelet Memory Wire (9721279), Beadalon® Elasticity™ Bead Cord (9730320), Stretch Magic® Clear Jewelry Cord (9717623(A)), or Hemp Craft Cord in several different colors (9727066(A) through   (9727066(G))? Any and all materials make great backdrops for the décor you create.

Now comes the hard part. Beads, Spacers, and Charms, Oh My! Nasco has so many choices it’s hard to pick just one. We carry an amazing array of glass beads, plastic beads, metal beads, porcelain beads, and wooden beads.

Let’s start with glass beads. There are Glass Foil Beads (9727850), Chevron Glass Beads (9727851), Fancy Lampwork Beads (9722730), and Fancy Italian Beads (9727848). Or try Metallic Accent Glass Bead Assortment (9736027), Furnace Accent Glass Bead Assortment (9736031), or our Millefiori Bead Mix (9722729).

Then there are plastic beads, everything from fancy to simple. How about Exotic Beads (9729081), Pony Beads (Translucent 9714995, Neon 9715984, Jelly Sparkle 9726409, or Metallic Beads 9723720), just to name of few? We also carry Tri-Bead Jewel Beads (9735898), Alphabet Beads (9723001), Faceted Multicolored Crystal Beads (9727987), and Energy Beads (9733649) that change color when you step into the sunlight!

Metal. Everyone needs a little metal charm to dangle from your jewelry. We carry an Antique Metal Bead Mix (9727846), a Silver Metal Bead Mix (9727849), Chinese Coin Assortment (9724481), Metal Charm Assortment (9725395), or Blank Antique Silver Rectangular Frames (9736060).

Seed Beads? Of course! Nasco has a Multi-Seed Bead Assortment (9704758); a Multicolor Bulk Glass Bead Assortment (9716485); and Bead Box Sets in Pearl (9732798), Neon and Glow (9732792), or Soft Rainbow (9732794), to name just a few.

No accessory is complete without a little bling. Try Rhinestone Beads in various colors (9736587 Red, 9736589 Black, or 9736588 Gunmetal), Rhinestone Disc Beads (9736590 Silver/Crystal, 9736591 Gold/Crystal, and more), Mesh Beads (9736594 Silver, 9736595 Gold), or Silver-Lined “E” Beads (9721558).

That brings us to those of us who can’t quite decide what we want. How about a kit? Nasco has an abundance of mixtures to make your choosing a breeze. We have a Multi Seed Bead Assortment with over 20,000 beads (9704758); a Glass Bead Potpourri which includes seed, rocaille, and bugle beads (9731940); Steampunk Art Components Kit, which blends modern ideas and technology designs with those of the past (9731780); Nasco’s Bucket O’ Beads and Charms which contains over 6,500 plastic beads, charms, and other surprises, plus 1,350 feet of nylon cording (9718093); the Bead Treasure Box, which contains 12 buckets of assorted colored beads, along with beading thread (9716192); and Nasco’s Ultimate Hemp Pack, which contains enough materials for up to 30 people to make hemp necklaces, bracelets, and anklets (9729231).

Can’t make a decision? Why not look through our marvelous collection online at , or better yet, order an Arts & Crafts catalog and make your creative dreams come true!

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Time To Get Organized!

Get-Organized_PostIt-Note-copyEver have one of those days – one of those weeks – where you can’t find a thing? You know you had a particular book in mind you wanted to read to your students, but now wonder where it went? What about all those pieces for your arts and crafts projects? Wasn’t there a stack of tissue paper there somewhere?

All you need is a little help with that big O – ORGANIZATION. Well, here at Nasco, our storage ideas come in all sizes and colors.

Too many calculators stacked up in your classroom corner? How about one of our calculator caddies? Calculator Caddy I (TB15632T) is made of blue denim and has 30 numbered pockets 2-3/4” wide. Need a bigger size? TB18800T holds up to 35 calculators (or other objects) in 3-3/4” x 4” clear pockets.

Bins and Boxes. Who doesn’t need a boatload of those? Clear modular boxes TB24599T (6 qt.), TB24602T (13.50 qt.), TB24600T (21 qt.), or TB24601T (34 qt.) lets you see exactly what’s in them. Not wanting to see quite everything? How about solid-color stackable storage containers with snap-on lids? WA09234H (3 gal.), WA23971H (10 gal.), or WA11200H (14 gal.) might be just what you need to pack away all your “extras.”

Boxes too pedestrian for you? Need more of an organizing system? How about Nasco’s Rolling Tote Storage System (9716853) or the ALVIN® Blue Hills Studio™ Double-Wide Storage Carts with 12 or 20 drawers (WA28427H and WA28426H)? Both have plenty of drawers and an interlocking rail and drawer system. Nasco’s Storage Cart on Wheels (9716853) has nine clear bins and all-steel construction, and our Rolling 10-Drawer Organizer (WA22879H) is a tower of 10 colorful bins and is only 13” wide.

Okay. Maybe your organization needs are on a smaller scale…something more…specific. Lose the original box your art brushes came in? How about a 52-hole MultiBin® (9709728), or a storage box (9722920 has five compartments), or 9715985 (has a lift-out tray)?

What about your books? Standing books flat one atop another is not a way to go through life. Never be at a loss for a good book with organizational products from Nasco! What about Nasco’s “Little Blue” Mobile Book Browser Cart (EL10204J), a heavy-duty mobile cart that’s built to last? Or maybe a dual-purpose Book Display Stand (Z20419J) that includes a display stand on one side and four horizontal shelves on the backside? Nasco also has a Mobile Book Stand (Z45995J), which includes two adjustable front shelves and open bottom storage on one side and two large shelves on the back.

Maybe just a tabletop rack will do the trick. Try the economically priced small wire Big Book Rack (SB26754J), or the little larger Book Display Rack (SB29669J), both of which fit on top of a table or storage unit.

Do you have something bigger in mind? Something that, say, would become part of the room? Nasco has those too. We have a Lock-It-Up Cabinet (Z20434) with four shelves, the Contender™ Open-Shelf Multipurpose Four-Tiered Storage Unit (Z46356), and a number of good-sized Mobile Carts (Z09515M is stainless steel) or WA04058M (made of durable, injection molded thermoplastic).

Now is the best time to get on the Organizational Trail. Come visit Nasco for a great selection of both big and small ways to keep one step ahead of the confusion!

Questions on any of our products? Feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Center at 1.800.558.9595, or visit our website,


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Free Math Lesson Plans


eq5p54Math can be a complicated subject. Even the best of students may get stuck trying to understand certain concepts. Nasco has downloadable Math Lesson Plans to help teachers work with students of all levels. Often created by teachers for teachers, these free PDF MathWorks Lesson Plans are engaging lesson plans for all grade levels that fit the changing needs of today’s students.

Here is a sample of our downloadable PDFs:

Using Ten Frames for Algebraic Equations Up to 20 — Applies basic algebraic principles to addition problems, creates fact families with the given digits, and manipulates ten frames to solve addition problems with missing addends.

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems Using the Rekenrek — Students will be able to find the answer to word problems with answers between 0 and 20, design their own real-world word problems with answers between 0 and 20, and utilize an algebraic equation when solving each word problem.

Dealing Up Determinants – This lesson will help students find value of determinants, find inverses of 2×2 matrices, and solve 3×3 determinants using diagonals.

Pancakes and Pi — Students will better understand the meaning of the mathematical number π. They will have the opportunity to see the spatial relationship between the diameter and circumference of all circles no matter what the size. They will be able to measure the diameter and the circumference of a circle.

Calculating Wages…How Much Will You Make? — Objectives for Pre-Algebra include modeling, writing, and solving two-step linear equations using a variety of methods, and using the basic operations on rational numbers to solve problems in real-life situations (e.g. describe the effect of multiplying a whole number by a fraction or a decimal less than 1). Algebra I level includes distinguishing between relations and functions, evaluate a function using tables, equations, or graphs, and match appropriate equations or inequalities (with 1 or 2 variables) to a graph, table, or situation and vice versa.

Using Technology to Teach Parallel Lines with Transversals – This lesson plan explores the relationships between angles formed by two lines cut by a transversal when lines are and are not parallel. Use results to develop methods to show parallelism.

Coordinating a Shape’s Area and Perimeter — Students will construct various shapes on their geoboards given specific coordinates, be able to calculate both the area and the perimeter of each polygon, and create their own shapes given specific parameters.


Find these and many other MathWorks Lesson Plans on our Nasco Math Catalog website. New plans are posted monthly, so be sure to check out our entire catalog site.

Questions on any of our lesson plans or products? Feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Center at 1-800-558-9595, or visit our website at

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Hands-On Health Catalog is Here!


The 2016 Hands-On Health catalog, featuring the latest classroom teaching aids for health educators, is now available!

  • 140-page catalog includes carefully selected products and unique teaching aids that make learning health issues fun and easy, bringing excitement to the classroom.

Many new products have been added to this year’s selection of models, displays, manikins, charts, DVDs, computer software, and books that cover topics such as sex education, AIDS, alcohol and other drugs, anatomy, sports medicine, CPR, first aid, nutrition, and more.

Visit Nasco Hands-On-Health online at to review the great selection of health education materials and FREE lesson plans.

For your free copy of the 2016 Nasco Hands-On Health catalog, call 1.800.558.9595; order online at; or write to Nasco, 901 Janesville Avenue, P.O. Box 901, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538-0901.


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Map Your Way Around the World

AC162116Round and Round, Floor Flat, or Wall Scape – how do you see your world?

The circumference of the Earth is 24,901 miles. With all the countries and biomes between here and there and around and around, why not check out Nasco’s maps, puzzles, and wall hangings?

The Wonder Foam® USA Foam Floor Puzzle (SB41699J) spreads out to 48” W x 30” H, and includes 50 state pieces, 16 punch-out landmarks, five great lakes, and two interlocking bars to attach to Alaska and Hawaii. We also have a U.S.A. Geography Floor Puzzle (EL11859J), which measures 36” W x 24” H, and teaches the locations, capital, industries, resources, and more for each state.

Maybe a spinaroonie on a globe is more your style. The Adventurer Globe (SB39256M), geared to the very young, is a 12″ dia. simplified political globe which includes raised-relief, distinctive colored boundaries; easy-to-find geographic locations; and a durable, translucent, blue molded plastic. Or maybe one of Nasco’s best sellers, the Pioneer Globe (SB16464M). It’s a 12” political globe with mounting that swings up and down for better viewing.

Provoke your imagination in new ways with Nasco’s Day/Night Globe (SB50412M). The day globe shows the striking colors of a blue ocean political map when not lit. Turn the light on and witness the incredible change to the sky at night as it transitions into a night globe naming and depicting 88 constellations and more than 35 of the brightest stars.

How about some toss-around worlds to encourage learning?

Our Topographical Inflatable Globes (SB49723M for 12” dia., SB49724M for 16” dia., and SB49725 for a 27” dia.) are beautiful physical globes that show the Earth with natural topographical covering and a dark blue ocean. We also feature a Topographical Globe (PE08410M), a crystal-clear, 36” inflatable globe featuring the topographic views of the Earth’s landscape. The artwork is printed on the reverse side of the vinyl, giving great detail of the islands, continents, deserts, mountains, and lakes of the world.

Maybe a big poster map is what you need to fill out that classroom wall. We have those, too!

Our 39” x 21” framed Geophysical World Relief Map (SB13774M) is a large, full-color, raised-relief map showing land areas in relief and accurate color, with political boundaries and ocean features highlighted. We also showcase a Laminated Poster Map in either U.S.A. mode (SB49728M) or World mode (SB49729M). Both highlight political boundaries, highways, cities, capitals, rivers, and more.

And for those who want to map the stars, Nasco features a number of celestial globes. Our unusual, two-way illuminated Constellation Globe (SB28577M) is sure to stimulate discussion and curiosity both in the classroom and at home. Turn the light off and brilliant lithography delineates the firmament’s stars, constellations, and nebulae; turn the light on and witness the luminous beauty of over 70 celestial images.

Or perhaps a 12-inch diameter Transparent Celestial Globe (SA02872M), a star globe surrounding a 4-inch diameter Earth globe mounted within the sphere. This magnificent globe is designed to show positions of the stars at any given time and date as seen from any location on Earth. It is essentially a three-dimensional star finder; observations are Earth-centered; therefore, Earth is located in the center of the globe.

Maps not only tell you where you’ve been, but where you’re going. Explore the world around you, starting with Nasco globes, maps, and posters.

Questions on any of our products? Feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Center at 1-800-558-9595, or visit our website at


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The 2016 Senior Activities Catalog is Here!

16_SACover_01bThe 2016 Senior Activities catalog, featuring hundreds of products for activity directors and rehab therapists, is now available from Nasco in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, and Modesto, California.

  • Over 200 new, hand-selected products providing meaningful activities for persons requiring skilled nursing, assisted living, memory care, or rehabilitative services, have been added to this year’s catalog.
  • The 124-page catalog includes products at attractive prices for exercise and fitness, reminiscing and memory stimulation, musical activities, entertaining DVDs, games, sensory stimulation, arts and crafts, cooking, gardening activities, resources, equipment, and more.
  • Nasco is pleased to provide enjoyable, age-appropriate activities for individuals and groups to improve the quality of life for seniors.

For your free copy of the 2016 Nasco Senior Activities catalog, call 1.800.558.9595, order online at, or write to: Nasco, 901 Janesville Avenue, P.O. Box 901, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538-0901.

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