The Holidays Are Coming!

imagesThe Holidays are coming! Time for celebration and family – and baking. Why not let Nasco help you with your gourmet ideas?

Of course we have the basics — Spatulas (OXO® Good Grips Silicone Spatula Set, WA31110; High-Heat Silicone Spatula Set, Blue, WA29373; or Volraith® High-Temp Silicone Spatula with polypropylene handle, WA20677); Measuring Cups and Spoons Set (stainless steel, WA21270) or Snap Fit Multicolor Set, WA31276); Whisks (OXO® Good Grips Balloon Whisk, WA31111; or Culinary Institute of America® Prep Tool Silicone Whisk, WA31176); and Pastry Brushes (Good Grips® Set of 2 with natural boar bristles, WA19953, or Silicone Brushes, set of 4, WA29409).

Nasco also carries the whole gamut of baking sheets, too, from T-fal AirBake® Mega Cookie Sheet (WA32695) and WearEver® All-Bake® Ultra™ Baking Sheet (WA25828), to Wilton® Recipe Right® Round Cake Pans (WA24647) and Square Cake Pan Set (WA28914).

But what about the fun stuff? The pans and decorating ideas that will make your holidays stand out this year? Not to worry – Nasco has everything you need to make your baking unique.

Bake the latest craze with a fun Cake Pops Kit (WA32145). You can buy the pieces individually as well (Cake Pop Pan, WA30187 or Cake Pop Sticks, WA31313). How about a 24-Cavity Tea Cake Pan (WA27676) that allows you to fill the center with sweets, or a Mini-Hearts Pan (WA23899) to share your love? We have a Chicago™ Metallic 3-Tier Cake pan (WA27226) than makes four mini tiered cakes at a time, a nonstick Novelty Filled Cookie Pan (WA32550) that makes baked goods with a center well. We also carry Mini Fluted Cake Pans (WA32689), Mini Mini Loaf Pans (WA32690). Delectoval (oval shaped) Mini Cake Pans (WA32720), and Mini Doughnut Pans (WA31901) for your baking creations.

Ah…but what about the eternal cookie cutter shapes? No problem. We have a Betty Crocker® 101 Piece Cookie Cutter Set (WA29928) to satisfy all shape cravings, or a Round Cookie Cutter Set (WA30059) that cuts in sizes from an itty bitty 1” to a decent 3-1/2”. Crinkle Cookie Cutters are also the rage, in shape of Stars (WA30060), Flowers (WA30061), Squares (WA30062), and Hearts (WA30063).

Cool off your baking creations on our Stackable Cooling Grids (WA32983 for a set of 3) or Premium Non-Stick Cooling Rack Set of 2 (WA28456).

Then comes the fun part – decorating. Nasco has a number of easy-to-use, professional cake (and other products) decorating tools that put the finishing touches on your creations. We carry a Wilton® 48-Piece Decorating Set (WA31227), A 55-piece Master Tip Set (WA31891), Clear Piping Bags (WA31806, 14”, and WA31807, 21”), Disposable Decorating Bags (WA32340, 12”, plus 2 more sizes), or Nasco’s Cake Decorating Set (WA33011) which includes everything you need for cake decorating, including tips, couplers, icing bags, a flower nail, cake decorating comb, and a turntable with non-skid mat.

Need a few new ideas? Nasco has just what you need in the book department, too. I’m Just Here for More Food: Food x Mixing + Heat = Baking (WA24443), explores the science of mixing and baking with Alton Brown. Better Homes and Gardens® Baking Cookbook (WA32948) has plenty of ideas to keep you busy. And if you and your friends want to learn how to decorate a cake, we have a DVD on Cake Decorating Basics you can all watch together (WA26450).

Enjoy your Holiday celebrations! And as Marie Antoinette (never) said – Let Them Eat Cake!

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Illusions Are Reality at Nasco

tessellation-a-j-alper-catsndogsTheres an artcle going around the intrnet that pointz outthat wrds don’t have two be speled correctly n order too be understood. With txting and instant messaging, much ov the world es en illusion.

Bad grammar and sloppy typing aside, there is something to be said about illusions. They make us think; they make us reason. Best of all, illusions get the synapses in our brains firing. When synapses come in contact with illusions, there are happy flashes for all. Nasco catalogs are filled with ways to get your imagination going.

Tangrams, for instance. Tangrams are ancient Chinese puzzles consisting of 7 simple pieces (1 square, 5 triangles, and 1 rhomboid). The challenge is to arrange these 7 pieces into a myriad of shapes: animals, paradoxes, boats, people, and more. Sounds so easy, but it can quickly get very complicated – and fun. Nasco has a book to start you on your tangram way: Tangram 330 Puzzles (TB14665), challenges you with puzzles for all ages and talents. Magnetic Foam Tangrams (TB25459, 28-8” pieces; or TB25458, 28-4” pieces), are great for whiteboard work. We offer sets of colors: Individual Sets (TB17310, 1 set of 7 plastic pieces), Bucket Sets (TB21923, 36 sets of 7 pieces), Bulk Sets (TB21924, 150 sets of 7 pieces), and Class Sets (TB24183 and TB24182) which include tangrams, cards, activity sheets, Fractions with Tangrams book, and a plastic storage container.

Love to draw? Tessellations are for you. Tessellations are any repeating pattern of interlocking geometric shapes that seem to go on forever. Think of Islamic art or a brick floor. But tessellations are so much more fun when you create them yourself! Our Geometric Tessellation Set (TB25562) includes 100 pieces in 5 different shapes; and the Letter Tessellation Set (TB25564) includes 70 pieces in 7 different letter shapes. There are also Animal Templates (9727936), Curlies (TB25563), and Ocean (TB24848) Tessellation Sets to bring out the illusionist in you.

Or how about Zentangles®? Zentangles® are abstract drawings created using repetitive patterns. Try our Zentangle® Basics (9729411); Zentangle® 7, Inspiring Circles, Zendalas and Shapes (9732970); the Joy of Zentangle® (9733597); or the Zentangle® Classroom Set (9730988) to keep your illusions growing.

The artist M.C. Escher created some of the most brilliant surrealistic illusions. Nasco carries an Escher Tessellation Poster Set (9720817) which includes six of his most popular works such as Sky and Water and Encounter; the Escher Prints Collection One (Z12124), a set of ten black and white posters, include famous prints of Reptiles, Day and Night,  and Bond of Union, just to mention a few; the Escher Prints Collection II (Z40594) is also a collection of 10 prints which include Three Worlds, Balcony, Print Gallery, and seven more.

Do you consider coloring books illusions? Nasco has some sweet ones for you, then. How about Quilt Place Mats to Color (9710326) in quilt block patterns, or Velvet Art Poster Sets in 16” x 20” size (SN02738) or 6” x 9” (SN31627)? Nasco also sells Scapes Coloring Books, Set of 3 (9732121), which includes MasterScapes, ArchiScapes, and EnviroScapes. Fun!

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Exercise Isn’t Just for Gym Class Anymore

12074316951124442156exercise fitness black.svg.hiWhen you think of exercise, do you think of Mr. Sumner’s grade-school gym class? Does the thought of working out bring flashbacks of endless jumping jacks in the gym? Today is a busier world than ones we fondly remember, be it ten months ago or ten years ago. But worry no more – Nasco’s Physical Education world has lots of products to make your reentry – or continued participation – in the world of sports and exercises a breeze.

Got game? Get the urge to get a few of your friends together for fun and fitness? We can add color and durability, no matter what sport you choose. A neighborhood baseball game? We have colorful Whiffle Baseballs (2-7/8”) for the beginner (White PE00310; Red PE00971; Purple PE00976 and more); a 9” Softouch® IncrediBall®, PE00575, or a 16” Chicago Style Official Clincher® PE01094 Baseball. Baseball bats? How about a colorful set including red, orange, blue, green, purple and yellow PE05833? Or gloves: Champion® 12” Leather/Vinyl Glove, PE00270 for lefties and PE00269 for righties; or a Franklin® 13” Fielders Glove, PE04945 for lefties, PE04944 for righties?

Maybe it’s easier to get your friends to play hoops. Gals and guys both will have a great time shooting with our huge assortment of basketballs. We carry great brands like Spaulding®, Wilson®, Baden®, Rawllings®, Champion®, Tachikara®, and Mikasa® in men, women, and junior sizes.

When the football game inside gets boring (or when you’ve had way too many snacks), why not grab the group and go outside and toss around your own pigskin? We have all prices ranges and materials, such as Wilson® 1005 NCAA Size 5 Leather Ball (PE05040), Fun Gripper® Grip Zone™ 8-1/2” Football in blue (PE03892), Yellow (PE03890), Red (PE03888) and more, or a 10-Man Flag Football Set (PE06695).

Maybe you’d like to develop – or redevelop – the grace of a gazelle and the eye of a hawk. Tennis might be more your style. Nasco carries great racquets such as the Champion® Aluminum Racquet with Leather Grip with Midsize Head (PE06479), or A MAC-T™ Motion Partner Tennis Racket Set of 6 (PE08641). We have lots of tennis balls, too: everything from a package of three Penn® Coach Teaching Balls (PE01096) to Gamma Quick Kids™
36 Foam Balls (PE07967 for bag of 12 balls).

How about volleyball in the sand (or in the snow)? A colorful array awaits you! Try a Champion® Synthetic Leather Volleyball (PE05765), a Spaulding® TF-VB1 Volleyball in red/white/blue (PE08400), or a Tachikara® Fashion Volleyball in Shamrock Green (PE07489). Of course, plain white rules too: maybe a White Tachikara® Gold Volleyball (PE00092) or a Mikasa® Recreational Volleyball (PE04952).

Not a lot of room? Gymsticks Resistance Sets might just be for you. We have light resistance (PE07837) all the way up to Super Strong (PE07841). Nasco also carries SPRI®Xertubes®, (yellow PE05283, Green PE05284, Red PE05285, and more), or colorful Dyna-Band® Stretch Latex Resistance Bands (Light/Pink PE00587, Medium/Green PE00586, or Heavy Resistance/Purple PE00588). There are colorful Exercise Balls ranging from 18” dia. (PE05187 and more) to 37” (PE05192) dia.

Don’t forget that walking outside, around a gym, or through the mall are also great ways to keep in shape. We have a wonderful range of pedometers, including ULTRAK 240 with a large display and single button operation (PE07442), MAC-T® Pedometer (PE08013(A)), or an ACCUSPLIT® AE1620 Pedometer (WA25975).

Want to keep track of your heart rate too? We have a number of items to choose from. The Pulse Flash Heart Rate Monitor (PE09021) and the ePulse®2 Heart Rate Monitor & Calorimeter (PE07497) can be worn as watches. And the Omron® Body Logic™ Body Fat Analyzer SB28528 can give you measurements in seven seconds.

All in all, getting in shape is not just for gym class any more. It’s for all of us, no matter our age, size, or experience. Come check out our Physical Education catalog and see what exercise can be!

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