Science and STEM


Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

In our economy, a quality education for all students is necessary to prepare them to prosper in work and in life. The ultimate goal of STEM education is to encourage students to take an interest in STEM subjects at an early age. This should be beneficial to them when they enter the job market, and in turn it should benefit the economy as a whole.

Nasco’s dedication to STEM projects and plans encourages growth in all sciences. And with our free STEMWorks Activities and Lesson Plans, education makes more sense to both teachers and students.

Here is a sample of our free Science STEM Lesson Plans:

Science Lesson Plan Volume 3: CO2 Effects in the Lungs.

Explore the function of the respiratory system, gain concept of the respiratory process, and be able to explain how gases are exchanged between the lungs and the bloodstream.

Science Lesson Plan Volume 5: Factors Affecting Bridge Strength.

Create two geometric shapes (square and triangle) to determine which is more stable; relate examples of bridges they have seen; describe the example, draw a picture of it, and learn the names of the three main types of bridges; apply their knowledge of geometric shapes to design a truss bridge; and more.

Science Lesson Plan Volume 6: Why Do We Only See One Side of the Moon from Earth?

Observe the earth/moon relationship, develop concept of rotation vs. revolution, and develop concept of why we see only one side of the moon.

Science Lesson Plan Volume 8: Animal Track Stamp Stories.

Develop a basic understanding of adaptation; integrate science, reading, writing, and reasoning skills; and understand the concept of predator and prey.

Science Lesson Plan Volume 10: Cheek Cell Slides.

Observe the basic structure of a human cell and be able to identify an animal cell by its structure.

Science Lesson Plan Volume 11: Diffusion/Passive Transport.

Observe and be able to explain diffusion and passive transport, and be able to determine the difference between a cell wall and cell membrane.

Science Lesson Plan Volume 12: Giant Flowering Plants.

Observe pictures of a number of flowering plants, learn vocabulary naming the parts of the flower, and create a giant model of a flowering plant and label it.


All Nasco Science Lessons come with a list of materials needed, an activity sheet, and a list of products that can be ordered online.

Our Nasco Science website has plenty of Science products that will help you meet the Science needs of today’s students. And all STEM-marked products and lesson plans meet STEM curriculum requirements.

Questions on any of our products? Feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Center at 1.800.558.9595 or visit our website at

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Mail Order Catalog Day

2b9d90738530ebfe4e0022ac0dbe5e28August 18, 2016 is Mail Order Catalog Day, an annual holiday that celebrates shopping by choosing items from a printed catalog, and ordering and paying for it through the post/mail or over the telephone. Of course, we now can order online as well, but why not celebrate Mail Order Catalog Day by having a Nasco Catalog mailed to you?

In May of 1941, the first Nasco catalog of teaching aids and farm supplies, with approximately 100 products, was published and distributed to 2,500 vocational agriculture teachers. Today, Nasco publishes 25 different catalogs, mailing over 5 million catalogs annually to customers in education, agriculture, health, and industry worldwide.

Catalogs are handy and ready to serve you wherever you are: at your desk; in the car; or in your kitchen, barn, or teacher’s lounge. Nasco’s catalogs are easy to use, easy to share, and easy to carry along.

Celebrate Mail Order Catalog Day by ordering any of Nasco’s varied and popular publications:

Arts & Crafts


MathFamily & Consumer Sciences

Elementary Education

Early Learning

Special Education

Physical Education

Senior Activities

Hands-On Health

Reading Resources


Farm & Ranch

Agricultural Sciences

Showing & Grooming




Don’t forget that you can find Nasco products online 24/7 at too!



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Puzzle Me This

Puzzles are fun for all ages, but sometimes senior citizens need a little more encouragement because of memory loss or energy issues. Each person solves these riddles at their own pace, and Nasco’s Senior Activities catalog covers these bases with puzzles that appeal to older generations.

Seasons of the year become simple with MindStart® 24-Piece Seasonal Puzzles. Check out Autumn (SN32425C), Winter (SN32426C), Spring (SN32427C), and Summer (SN32428C). These puzzles are easy to do, yet adult-oriented, providing cognitive stimulation. MindStart® also offers puzzle sets with bold colors and little detail that work well with middle dementia and low vision participants. Try Set 1 Puzzles (SN32518C) that include Candy, Ice Cream, Flowers, and Sports; or Set 2 Puzzles (SN32517C) that include Fishing, Baking, Baseball, and Gardening.

Nothing stirs the heart and attention more than images from the past. Whether nostalgia for the farm or for the way things “used to be,” Nasco carries puzzles to keep your patients, family members, or yourself busy.

Stir memories of the farm with Puzzles in a Wooden Box Country Farm Set (SN31602C). Each 24-piece puzzle is laminated with a different colorful scene including tractors, barns, and horses. Or try Country Barn (SN36275C), 63 pieces; Wash on the Line (SN36276C), 63 pieces; or Horse Corral Puzzle (SN35538C), 48 pieces.

Animals always bring a smile to one’s face. Why not try Pretty Kitty (SN35601C, 12 pieces); Wild Animal Puzzle Set (SN30310C) which includes four 12-piece tray puzzles including Giraffe, Zebra, Elephant, and Lioness; Animal Puzzles Set of 2 (SN36271C) which includes Cheeky Chimps and Flowerpot Kitten, 60 pieces each; or Puzzles to Remember, Set of 2 (SN36154C) which includes 36-piece puzzles Garden Helper and Birds of a Feather.

We also carry larger puzzles for those who love figuring out the whole picture. Country Sights Puzzle Set (SN35848C) includes two 100-piece puzzles, Sunrise Farm and Horse Corral; and Household Pets, Set of 2 (SN36270C), which includes two 200-piece puzzles That’s My Ball, and Puppy Wagon.

Nasco also carries puzzles of 300 pieces or more to stimulate memories of the past and future. Our Backyard Birds Puzzles (SN35764C) includes both Bertie’s Bird Seed Fly-In and Trumpet Vines & Sparrows puzzles. The beauty of our feathered friends comes alive with our Bird Puzzles (SN30958C). The three puzzles include Bluebirds, Cardinals, and Hummingbirds. Bring heartwarming scenes to life with our Days Gone By Puzzles (SN36244C). The set of two includes The Daredevil and Old Pumpkin Farm. Childhood Memories Puzzles (SN35871C) contains two puzzles titled The Toy Train and Berry Pickin’.

Our 500-piece puzzles are the ultimate in attention holders. Try our Canned Veggies Puzzle (SN35805C) or  Harvest Market Puzzle (C33764N), for hours of concentration and fun.

It is important to keep minds of all ages busy and productive. Nasco’s Senior Activities catalog has plenty of products to keep senior citizens thinking, reasoning, and having fun. Find more fun puzzles and word games at


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Pass the Football!

AC100023Fall is around the corner – time for hoodies and hot chocolate and homework – and football games. Need to add to your athletic equipment list? Look no further than Nasco’s Physical Education and Team Sports Catalog!

Who isn’t ready for football? Nasco carries footballs for all age groups. Flag Football? Got you covered. Our 10-Man Flag Football Set (PE06695E) contains flags, flag belts, goal line markers, midfield markers, tote bag, and rulebook. Or maybe the Sonic Flag-A-Tag® Program Kit (Z40426(A)E) would fit your needs. Designed to outfit two teams of 12 players, the set includes 24 belts with flags, two storage rings, and a rulebook.

Don’t need flags but could use new balls? Nasco’s got you covered, too.

Starting with youth-sized, there is a Champro® Rubber Football, Size 4 (PE05759E); a Spalding® Advanced Youth Football, Size 4 (PE05004E); and a Voit® Rubber Football, Youth Size 4 (PE06064E). Better yet, sets of footballs ensure all youngsters play ball. Nasco carries its own Intermediate Size 4 Football Set of 6 (PE02729E) in durable rubber with a tacky stippled finish. We also carry a set of 6 MAC-T® Sup-R-Safe® Youth Footballs (PE07926E) made of seamless foamed vinyl, and RHINO Soft-Eeze Football Set of 6 (PE07638E) with RHINOskin® tacky covers and rubber/butyl bladders.

Moving up the youth chart, Nasco has a great selection of junior size 3 footballs, too. Check out our Champro® Rubber Football (PE05760E) with a deep pebble rubber cover; the Spaulding® Advance Pro Junior Football (PE05002E) with soft tack composite leather cover, or any of Nasco’s colorful Junior Footballs with tacky rubber stippled covers (PE02691E, Yellow; PE02693E, Blue; or PE02690E, Orange).

Serious football demands serious footballs. Nasco’s official sized footballs are great for any kind of adult play. Try a Rawlings® ST5 Football with the soft-touch grip (PE05056E), the NFHS-approved Wilson® Composite Football (PE05035E), or an NFHS-approved Spalding® Advance Varsity Football (PE05003E).

Of course, your idea of a football game might be everyone outside for a scramble before the barbeque. Nasco has you covered there, too.

Try the easy to grasp, throw, and catch Fun Gripper™ Grip Zone Football in Purple (PE03893E); Yellow (PE03890E); Blue (PE03892E); Red (PE03888E); or Green (PE03891E). Launch a game of catch with the G2AIR™ Whistle Tailball (PE08424E) that whistles when you throw it, or the Fly Max™ Hoverball (PE08467E) that flies up to 100 yards. Foam your way through passes and catches with an 8-1/2” POOF® Power Spiral Football (PE00870E), a regular 9-1/2” POOF® Football (PE00869E), or an 8-1/2” RHINOskin® Molded Mini Foam Football (PE07626E, set of six).

Find all your fall sports needs in Nasco’s Physical Education and Team Sports catalog. Questions on any of our products? Feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Center at 1.800.558.9595, or visit our website at

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TearPads™ Exclusively from Nasco!

TearPad2TearPads™, created by Nasco, are learning sheets chocked full of information and images, making their subject matter more appealing to students and teachers alike. Whether it’s Science, Math, Nutrition, or Arts & Crafts, Nasco has over 50 TearPads™ available in areas like nutrition, science, and crafts.

Nasco Fingerprint TearPads™ – Set of 3 (SB50307M).

It’s CSI in the classroom! Includes a set of three TearPads™ with fingerprint patterns (whorl, loop, and arch) on the front and a maze and word search on the back. TearPads™ have 50 sheets each and measure 8-1/2” x 11”.

Nasco’s Animal Comparison TearPads™ – Set of 3 (SB51707M).

This TearPad™ shows the poster on the front and a crossword and word search on the back. Posters show common animals found in the wild, along with their tracks and scat to make identification easier. Includes one TearPad™ each of Carnivores, Omnivores, and Herbivores. TearPads™ have 50 sheets each and measure 8-1/2” x 11”.

MyPlate TearPad™/Place Mats (WA29394HR).

The TearPad™ front shows the MyPlate image with appropriate food choices in each spot on the plate, while the back has simple fill-in-the-blank questions to use as a study guide or reminder for those learning good nutrition. Can be used as a place mat when the group eats a nutritious meal and answers the questions on the back while waiting to be served. Copyright 2011. TearPad™ has 50 sheets and measures 11” x 17”.

Nasco’s Healthy Kids TearPad™ (WA33079H).

The front side features meal plans for 1,400, 1,600, and 1,800 daily calorie intakes for children ranging from 3-8 years old. It also encourages children to get enough physical activity, sleep, and water. The back side contains children’s snack tips. TearPad™ has 50 sheets and measures 8-1/2” x 11”.

Nasco’s Dreamcatcher TearPad™ (9733620).

Combine art and cultural studies by having your students create their very own dream-catcher! According to Native American legend, the dreamcatcher will catch bad dreams in its web, while pleasant dreams will pass through the hole in its center. TearPad™ discusses the history of the dreamcatcher and provides instructions on how students can make their own. Double-sided. TearPad™ has 50 sheets and measures 11” x 17”.

Nasco’s Math Practice Table TearPad™ – Multiplication (TB25948B).

Excellent way to both practice and reinforce multiplication tables. The act of filling in the squares will help students remember their facts. Double-sided. TearPad™ has 50 sheets and measures 8-1/2” x 11”.

Carb Counting Nasco TearPad™ (WA26778U).

Finally, a large Nasco TearPad™ that  patients and students can read! These sheets have foods from each of the food groups as well as fats and sweets displayed as examples of one-carb servings with information identifying about 15 grams as being one carb unit. The back gives general information about counting carbs. There is a place to personalize directions, too. The Nasco TearPad™ has ample room to record food intake for a week. Also includes handy symbols for hand equivalents of 1 cup, 3 oz., 1 oz., 1 tsp., and more. TearPad™ has 50 sheets and measures 11” x 17”.

Nasco’s Calligraphy TearPad™ (9736478).

Handy resource for introducing beginners to calligraphy. The front side of this TearPad™ discusses calligraphic tools, things to remember about calligraphy, terminology, and a how-to guide for making each letter easily and correctly. The back side has the upper- and lowercase Old English calligraphic alphabet for reference and space for practicing calligraphy. The lines are labeled with calligraphic terminology and are drawn over a simulated newspaper that shows how newspaper columns can help to size letters. TearPad™ has 50 sheets and measures 11” x 17”.

Nasco’s Art By Choice® TearPad™ (9731053).

For your STEM curriculum. By Diana J. Avergon, M.A. and Eugene B. Avergon, M.A. Students can choose a famous building and explore its history and the geometric shapes that went into its design. Front side discusses different geometric shapes and shows their connection to various buildings around the world, while the back side asks guiding questions about the selected building and provides space for students to write and sketch their answers. Copyright 2011. TearPad™ has 50 sheets and measures 11” x 17”.

Nasco’s Venn Diagram Student TearPad™ (TB25360T).

Students can follow along at their seats during an activity using a Venn diagram, or create their own. One side is designed for comparing three items and the other side compares two items. TearPad™ has 50 sheets and measures 8-1/2” x 11”.

Red Carpet Fashion Design TearPad™ (9733656H).

Fashion Design 101 with simple drawings, fabric, texture, shape, and line! Discuss the basics and have students create their own fashion statement with designs on this double-sided sheet. They can use magazine pictures or fabric swatches and a complete color palette, along with their original design sketch.  TearPad™ has 50 sheets and measures 11” x 17”.

Be sure to check the Nasco Website ( for a complete selection of TearPads™ for your classroom needs!

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Rekenreks to the Rescue!

AC165568PTeachers, Tutors, Home School Parents…Lend Me Your Rekenrek!

The Rekenrek is a unique tool that allows children to develop number sense at their own pace.  The beads alternate from red to white every five beads, inviting students to think in groups of five and ten, helping build number relationships that lead to more advanced strategies.

Nasco has all the Rekenreks your classroom – or single student – needs!

Demonstrate methods with our big 36” L Teacher Rekenrek Demonstration Counting Frame (TB22820T) or the One Bar Teacher Demonstration Rekenrek (TB22806T), ideal for counting activities and demonstrations. A Ten-Bar Teacher Demonstration Rekenrek (TB22815T) is useful for demonstrating counts up to 100. The upper five bars have five red beads on the left and five white on the right; the lower bars are contrasting five white on the left and five red on the right.

Once you demonstrate the method, supply your students with their own Rekenrek. We carry Individual Student Rekenreks with Plastic Frames (TB26259T); Individual Student Rekenreks (TB22807T); and Individual Student Rekenrek Counting Frames with Blockers (TB25313T) that include write-on/wipe-off panels that can be used to hide the beads. Both sets include downloadable MathWorks Lesson Plans Volume 1 and Volume 2 online.

Classroom Sets are an easy way for everyone to learn at one time. How about Nasco’s Rekenrek with Blocker Classroom Kit (TB25764T)? This set includes 30 student Rekenreks up to 20 with write-on/wipe-off panels and one teacher demonstration counting frame with a write-on/wipe-off panel. Or Nasco’s Rekenrek Classroom Kit (TB25686T) which includes 30 student Rekenreks up to 20 (no write on/wipe off panel) and one teacher demonstration counting frame with a write-on/wipe-off panel.

Or get students excited about the Rekenrek by having them build their own! Nasco’s Student Rekenrek Classroom Kit (TB25940T) includes everything you need to make any size Rekenrek, including 1,000 red and 1,000 white beads.

If the whole concept of Rekenreks is new to you, Nasco provides plenty of assistance, too. Learning to Think Mathematically with the Rekenrek (TB24140T) provides teachers with a theoretical basis and practical knowledge. Reasoning with the Rekenrek (TB23366T) discusses the Rekenrek’s practical use and how to build number sense and strategies. And Learning to Think Mathematically with the Rekenrek: Supplemental Activities (TB26680T) provides 14 different exercise sets that help develop early number sense.

Rekenreks are here to stay, so make your way to Nasco’s Math Catalog for all your Rekenrek needs.

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Kits of Crafts!

unnamed (1)Summer means water, sun, and sometimes, boredom. Don’t let b-o-r-e-d-o-m get to your campers or summer schoolers – have fun with crafts from Nasco’s Arts & Crafts catalog!

Busy hands need busy crafts. Make jewelry and beaded sculptures with our Beautiful Beaded Sculpture Kit (9729230) with enough materials to make 12 beaded sculptures. Or how about making necklaces and earrings out of our Mini Apothecary Bottle Jewelry Kit (9731778)? Just remove the cork from the bottle, fill with the treasures of your choice, screw the screw eye finding into the cord, and replace cork. We also have a Rhinestone Pin Kit (9729232) with enough materials to make 48 sparkling pins.

How about making mobiles? Nasco has a craft kit for that, too. Our Single Strand Mobile Art Group Pack (9727133) lets you create three-dimensional hanging sculptures using a variety of materials including pony beads, foam pieces, pipe cleaners, and more. In the same theme is Nasco’s Dreamcatchers Group Pack (9720654). Includes enough materials for 24 projects! Paper crafts are always great time catchers. We offer a Roylco® Butterfly Ornaments Craft Kit (9734864 for a set of 72) and a Roylco® Fold-Up Butterfly Kit (9734840) for the butterfly in you. How about decorating 3-D ornaments? Nasco carries those too. Perhaps you can try out your creativity with the Roylco® 3-D Ornaments (9734842 for a set of 30), the Roylco® Stained Glass Lanterns (9733230 for a package of 32), or Paper Fans (9734012 for a set of 20).

Maybe you are looking for craft kits that are all over the board as far as creative items. Nasco has a great selection of one-of-a-kind kits that will keep your campers and students and group time students busy for hours. For example, there is our ARTastic® Optical Illusion Kit (9736551) which encourages learning and creating optical illusions; Pacon® Classroom Collage Kit (9717374) which includes an extensive assortment of popular collage items; Nasco’s Group Bubble Wand Kit (9733583) which includes enough materials for 25 wands; and the ever-popular Looper Craft Group Kit (SB42587) which enables crafters to make up to 30 pot holders. Crafts teach patience and encourage the use of both general and fine motor skills.

Come take a look at the craft section of our Arts & Crafts online catalog at and see all the ways you can entertain students – and yourself!

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Get In Touch On Social Media Day!

thWhat a great day to celebrate Social Media Day!

Social media has become a major factor in the world today. From celebrating its humble beginnings in 2010 by the website Mashable, to the instant reporting of Twitter and Facebook, finding out new trends and old favorites is as easy as typing a few key words.

Nasco has plenty of social media sites to keep you connected to products, projects, and people.

First, and foremost, is the Nasco Blog you see here before you. Full of stories, information, and a bit of humor now and then, it’s the best place to find up-to-date ideas, products, and projects. Sign up and stay current!

Each Nasco catalog has its own Facebook account. You can’t beat sharing thoughts and projects with others through one of the most popular social media tools around.

Why not check out what we’ve got? Click on the catalog name and explore!

Arts & Crafts

Early Learning

Elementary Education

Family and Consumer Sciences

Farm & Ranch

Health Care


Physical Education

Reading Resources


Senior Activities

Showing & Grooming

Special Education

Catalog Store

Nasco also has all catalogs online for you to browse any time of the day or night. From animal showing and grooming products to healthy eating to math games, there is something for everyone at our social eNasco website!

Sometimes the best use of social media is through product sales and promotions. And what better way to keep up with what’s going on than through signing up to receive our e-mails? Your address is never shared with other companies and organizations, and you can narrow your field to specific catalogs and interests. Come check out what we offer at

Nasco’s Twitter account out of Modesto, California, pops out encouragement, ideas, and social awareness to the airwaves. Be sure to sign up for our tweets – and even add the #eNasco hashtag to your messages!

Our Arts & Crafts catalog has a busy platform that includes Pinterest with boards such as the Art Teachers Collaborative Pinterest Board,  Zentangles, and Crafting for the Holidays. And, of course, our Instagram account is growing, too!

Nasco’s You Tube videos are informative ways to learn about new products found in a number of our catalogs. From MyPlate to CreoPop 3D Pen to KitchenAid® Commercial Stand Mixers, there is a demo for everyone.

Social media is the wave of the future – and the future is now. eNasco has what you’re looking for – school supplies, farm and ranch products, art materials, healthcare trainers, educational and teacher resources, senior care items, and more! Follow Us, Find Us, Write Us, and enhance your own social media platform! Tell your friends about Nasco!

Questions on any of our products? Feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Center at 1.800.558.9595, or visit our website at




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Magic Carpet Ride

Some of the most colorful ways to learn about our world are rugs and carpets. No longer just for classrooms, Nasco‘s room-size rugs may be just what your bedroom or rec room needs. The great thing, too, is that most of these suggestions come in various sizes and shapes.

Learning the alphabet can be fun and bright with our huge selection of alphabet rugs. Start with our Alphabet Carpet (Z47532J) that shows word, letter, and picture associations using clearly identifiable fonts. The alphabet also comes to you in the form of a Bright Alphabet Circletime Rug (Oval, Z46736J), Bright A to Z Animals Alphabet Rug (Rectangle, Z41598J), Natural A to Z Animals Rug (Rectangle, Z47891J), Owl-phabet Tree Rug (Rectangle, Z47201J), and Sunny Day Learn & Play Rug (Oval, Z30685J). We also showcase insects with our Back to Nature™ Ladybug & Alphabet Carpet (Rectangle, Z47395J), the Butterfly Fun Rug (Rectangle, Z49314J), and the Caterpillar Rug (Oval, Z49233J).

Looking for a carpet to stimulate young ones? How about the Toddler Blocks Rug (Rectangle, Z46149J), a Bright Animal Sounds Toddler Rug (Rectangle, Z46297J), or a Natural Animal Sounds Toddler Rug (Rectangle, Z47881J)?

Nasco carries a world of squares and circles, too! You can’t go wrong in a classroom or downstairs playroom with any of our bright rugs, including a Peaceful Tropical Night Rug (Rectangle, Z49242J), a Bright Rhyme Time Rug (Rectangle, Z45456J), Primary Colors Seating Squares Rug (Rectangle, Z47886J), Nature’s Colors Seating Rug (Rectangle, Z47198J), or a Sequential Seating Literacy Rug (Rectangle, Z49251J).

A child’s playtime dream can be found with racing rugs from Nasco. Try the Crusin’ Around the Town Rug (Rectangle, Z45448J), Transportation Fun Rug (Rectangle, Z49258J), Go-Go Driving Rug (Rectangle, Z47202J), or a Super Speedway Race Track Rug (Rectangle, Z48168J).

A child’s rug can educate while holding in the warmth of a room, too. Why not do some exploring with a Neighborhood Rug (Rectangle, Z49256J), Give the Planet a Hug™ Rug (Rectangle, Z45459J), a World Explorer Rug (Rectangle, Z16077J), a Discover America Rug (Rectangle, Z16138J), or a USA Map Rug (Rectangle, Z48189(B)J)?

Or how about flowers, fish, and monsters?

How can you resist the Alphabet Monster Rug (Rectangle, Z49147J); Fishing for Literacy Rug (Oval, Z41608J); a Garden Time Rug (Rectangle, Z47203(B)J); Ladybug Circletime Alphabet Rug (Oval, Z49238J); or a kid and teacher’s favorite, a Rainbow Rows Rug (Semi-circle, Z46198J)? We also have a bright Cutie Jungle Rug™ (Rectangle, Z49432J), a Cutie Barnyard Rug™ (Rectangle, Z49434J), and a Life Cycle Outdoor Play™ Mat (Round, Z48146J) that shows examples of life cycles including birds, frogs, trees, and butterflies.

Many of our rugs are bilingual, too. Try the Bilingual Alphabet Blocks Carpet (Z49414J), the Bilingual Circle Time Carpet (Oval, Z46101J), or the Bilingual Paint by Numero Carpet (Z40559J).

Nasco’s Early Learning Catalog has dozens of other rug ideas and styles for you to choose from. Nasco’s quality rugs are stain-resistant and highly durable, and most are shipped by truck right to your house or school. Come visit the carpet section and see how much fun sitting can be!

Questions on any of our products? Feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Center at 1.800.558.9595, or visit our website at


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Duck Tape’s Not What It Used To Be!

duct tapeJune 17-19, 2016, is the 13th Annual Duck Tape® Festival in Avon, Ohio. The free festival features games, food, rides, a parade with giant floats made from duct tape, a crafts tent and a duct tape fashion show.

So whether you live near or far from this people-packed festival, why not check out Nasco’s varieties of Duck Tape®?

There used to be a time that only basic silver was the tape of choice. Our General Purpose Duck Tape (9732362) will take care of that. But how about colors? There are 18 solid colors to choose from, including Violet 9730034(E), Baby Pink 9730034(Q), Blue (9730034(H), Yellow 9730034(D), and You’re A Sage 9730034(U). Nasco also carries Neon colors in Pink 9736285(A), Lime Green 9736285(C), Orange 9736285(D), and Yellow 9736285(B), plus a special Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Duct Tape (9733606) that glows for up to three hours.

Patterns. Have we got patterns.

Our heavy-duty, rubber-based adhesive tape can be used on multiple surfaces such as cloth, vinyl, leather, and plastic. Try such designs as Totally Tie-Dye™ Blue (9729770), Digital Camouflage™ (9729769), Checkers (9731738), Mustaches (9732343), Retro Owls (9732357), Sunset Strip (9738019), Hanker for an Anchor (9738024), Red Bandana (9738039), Gummy Bears (9735688), or Forest Friends (9738034) to name just a few.

How about Duck Glitter® Tape? The glitter effect does not flake off, due to durable film technology. Try Aqua Blue Sparkle 9734482(B), Red Sparkle 9734482(D)Silver Sparkle 9734482(C), Ombre Sparkle 9734482(F), or Glitter Hearts 9734482(H).

Add fun and flair to your craft projects with Duck Washi® Crafting Tape. Designs include Purple Chevron 9734475(A), Flirty Floral 9734475(B), Blue Stripe 9734475(F), Red Hearts 9734475(G), or Multi Dots 9734475(D).

Duck Tape® also comes in sheets for your creative fantasies. Nasco carries some incredible packs of 8-1/2” x 10” sheets, including Black 9736292(A), Light Blue 9736292(N), Blue Tie-Dye 9736292(R), Leopard 9736292(W), Paint Splatter 9736292(Z), and Rainbow 9736292(AA).

Nasco has instructions for all your duct tape dreams, too. How about Crazy-Cool Duct Tape Projects (9732274), or ARTastic Duct Tape Tear Pads, with instructions on how to make a wallet (9732111), sandals (9732112), or a message board (9732116)?

Come on! Get creative! Maybe it doesn’t have to be a parade float, but make a purse, a sculpture, a sign out of Duck Tape®! The possibilities are endless!

You can find tape and hundreds of other fun craft materials at Questions? Customer Service is always here at Nasco to serve you at 1.800.558.9595.

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National Dairy Month Is Here!

PrintWhat started out as National Milk Month in 1937 to promote milk consumption and stabilize the dairy demand has turned into a month-long celebration and tradition that acknowledges the dairy industry. So with that in mind, why not celebrate National Dairy Month with dairy fun from Nasco?

Would you like to give a try to making your own butter? It’s a breeze with Nasco’s 2-1/2 Gallon Electric Butter Churn (C33741N) that turns out delicious homemade butter in only 20 minutes. If you prefer to churn by hand, adding your own herbs and spices, try the 1-Gallon Manual Butter Churn (C26345N).

Making your own cheese is a popular hobby for dairy and cheese enthusiasts. First you want to read about the process, and Nasco has plenty of instructions for you to peruse. Homemade Living: Home Dairy (All You Need to Know to Make Cheese, Yogurt, Butter & More), C33756N, provides a feast of information for dairy-loving foodies! Offers need-to-know facts, troubleshooting tips, profiles, and recipes for making such dairy staples as butter, sour cream, and cheese from scratch. Or how about Mastering Artisan Cheesemaking (C32071N)? This comprehensive user-friendly guide offers a deep look at the history, science, culture, and art of making artisan cheese on a small scale.

Instructions and recipes combined can be found in Home Cheesemaking: Recipes for 75 Homemade Cheeses (C24958N). Includes more cheesemaking recipes than any other book on the market, along with sections on other dairy products such as butter, yogurt, sour cream, crème fraîche, and mascarpone. Nasco even has an informational DVD that helps you with all the basics. Cheesemaking 101 (C25409N) covers what cheesemaking expert Ricki Carroll does in a workshop, including the basics of what cheese curds are supposed to look like. 30 minutes.

We also carry cheesemaking kits to ready you for your cheesemaking tasks. Our Mozzarella & Ricotta Cheese Kit (C19125N) makes up to 20 lbs. of mozzarella and 10 lbs. of ricotta. Our Basic Hard Cheese Kit (C11506N) includes everything you need to make eight delicious, homemade cheeses, including cottage cheese, Gouda, Colby, and Parmesan.

What celebration of National Dairy Month would be complete without a chance to make homemade ice cream?

Our Hamilton Beach® 4-Qt. Automatic Ice Cream Maker (WA28628N) makes delicious ice cream, frozen yogurt, or sorbet in 20-40 minutes. Just add ingredients, ice, and rock salt – this maker does all the work and stops when ready. No stirring needed! We also have the Aroma® Traditional Ice Cream Maker that combines old-fashioned fun with modern convenience. Hand-crafted wood bucket and die-cast hand crank harken back to ice cream makers of the past, while electric motor makes it easy to quickly make a batch.  Try your hand with a 4-Quart Maker (WA33120H) or a 6-Quart Maker (WA33121H).

And just to bring your National Dairy Month theme home, scoop your ice cream with our Udderly Cows Ice Cream Scoop (C27373N), serve ice cream or yogurt in our wonderfully whimsical 12-oz. Friendly Faces Cow Bowl (C33573N), drink from our Friendly Faces 10-oz. Cow Tumbler (C33578N) or our Udder Cows Collector’s Mug (C27371N), and make chocolate milk in our battery-powered Moo Mixer Supreme (C25979N).

Nasco salutes dairy farmers and producers during National Dairy Month – and every month! Come shop our dairy and farm products at our Farm and Ranch website,

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Whirl-Pak® Catalog is Now Available!

admin-ajax copyThe Nasco WhirlPak® catalog is now available from Nasco in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin; Modesto, California; and Spectrum/Nasco in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

The 2016-2017 WhirlPak® Laboratory Sampling Products catalog presents a wide array of products used for sampling in the food, dairy, water, waste water, clinical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, environmental, soil, forage, cosmetic, and other markets.

The 36-page catalog features Whirl-Pak® Laboratory Sample Bags for quality control testing, product analysis, and many other laboratory applications. Designed with patented puncture-proof tabs, they are the only sample bags on the market with this unique feature. A patented process eliminates the sharp wire ends on the tab, eliminating bag puncture, scratching of hands, or damage to gloves.

The +1 sterilization logo emphasizes the importance of the sterilization step that only Whirl-Pak® bags go through at an ISO-certified facility after manufacturing. Lot numbers provide traceability for easy online access to sterility documentation for every box of bags.

For a free copy of the 2016-2017 Nasco Laboratory Sampling Products catalog, please contact Nasco at 1.800.558.9595; e-mail; or visit In Canada, call 1.800.668.0600 or visit


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