Audial and Visual Delights

Garden 013Our senses are the most important tools we have to experience the world in all its glory. A colorful sunset, the scent of bacon frying, the pitter patter of rain or the touch of a cashmere sweater all tickle our senses and awaken our passion for life. But what if we can’t always slip out to the beach for a little walk in the sand? Or it’s a cloudy night, preventing us from watching a meteor shower? Are there vehicles out there that can safely drive us around the universe and have us home in time for dinner?

Music is an obvious choice for relaxation and introspection. Take time every day to listen to at least one song that transports you to another place. If classical comes to mine, Nasco offers its own Classical Treasures CD Set (SN31768) that presents over 600 minutes of classical heaven. Or how about Western Themes (SN32421) to bring images of the open plains? And nothing beats music from the ’50s Crooners for a trip back in time. Try The Crooners Set (SN31358), the 40’s Sentimental Journey (SN32203) or Soft ‘N’ Smooth Sets (Set #1, SN32164 or Set #2, SN32142) to bring back warm memories of music – and days – gone by.

Or Sound Therapy? Instrumental music can rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. Jeff Gold’s Music Escapes: Music For Relaxing (SN35683) and Simple Treasures (SN35684) are filled with melodic, uplifting tunes to help you calm down and relax.

What about television? I’m not sure there is much tactile stimuli in flipping through the channels. But there are wonderful visual DVDs to be found here too; entertainment on both a visual and audial level. Dream Scapes (SN31225) will mesmerize you with gentle flows of color in motion accompanied by relaxing piano music. Absolutely fascinating and calming. KaleidoVisions (SN01973) turns your television into a mesmerizing ever-changing kaleidoscope. The exquisite geometric designs are set to a tranquil chakra suite for a profound synergy of color and music.

And, of course, we carry the ever-popular Ambient Fire (SN01932) and Ambient Water (SN01933) DVDs that immerse you in the sights and sounds of nature through a fireplace or an aquarium. We have Earthworks Scenery and Soothing Music DVDs (Paint the Sky, SN31226), featuring pictures of clouds, rainbows and sunsets, accompanied by harp music; Flowers Everywhere (SN31227), flow images accompanied by enchanting harp music, or Tranquility (SN32056), a DVD that takes you to a realm of peace and tranquility with mysterious fog-surrounded trees, gently flowing streams, and hidden waterfalls, all set to beautiful piano music.

How can you not relax?

How about a little bit of 3-D relaxing radiance? Little waterfalls and water gardens are reminiscent of the peace found in nature’s gardens. The sound of moving water has always put the capital R in Relaxation. Nasco carries a dryer version of eternal water flow with our Tabletop Water Panels (9715746); thousands of illuminated bubbles percolate inside six vertical chambers. Better yet, plastic strips included allow you to change the color of the bubbles in the panels. Our Radiance Lamps (SN30996, 13”H), or the floor version (SN30997, 40-1/2” H) are clear tubes filled with hundreds of acrylic rocks surrounding multicolored LEDs. Both enclosed water worlds could easily occupy a permanent corner of your room.

Can’t get outside because of city lights, clouds or rain? Bring the stars in to you! Nasco’s Star Theater® Home Planetarium with Interactive Meteor Maker (SB35730) turns any ceiling into a star-studded sky. It projects hundreds of stars, planets and constellations onto ceilings and walls, bringing the galaxy to you.

Mother Nature tempts us with visual treats of her own. Make time to open the windows and breathe in the fresh air. Watch a thunderstorm approach in the distant sky. Watch snow pile up in the driveway or hang wind chimes outside your door. Never feel that time spent relaxing is time wasted. When you take time to breathe you take time to live.

Questions on any of our products? Feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Center at 1-800-558-9595, or visit our website


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