Health Care Can Be Humerus

Skeleton - Anterior 2Health Care is a hard thing to blog about. There are so many fingers on that hand –- nutrition, anatomy, personal and social development, fitness, hygiene –- a lot of fingers to count, a lot of worlds to explore. Wikipedia defines health care as, “the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in humans.”

This is true, as any visit to the doctor will tell you. Your physical body handles it all. There are 206 bones in the human body, 60,000 miles of blood vessels, 45 miles of nerves, and 10 trillion cells. And that’s just for starters. That’s a lot to take care of.

On a larger scale, Nasco’s Health Care and Science catalogs carry an amazing array of teaching tools for students, teachers, doctors, and other medical professionals. Our anatomically correct manikins and simulators have become some of the most respected products in the industry, training our would-be caretakers in such diverse fields as wound care, childbirth, CPR, airway management, nursing skills, suturing, crisis management, and more.

Many, though, are looking for a more “everyday” view of the world of anatomy. Nasco has plenty of choices to piqué any future med student’s interest, no matter what their age. For younger students, there are 3-D Skeleton Demonstration Magnets or Magnetic Human Body, both great to use on whiteboards; and the Deluxe Human Body Curriculum Kit, which includes a great assortment of classroom materials to explore the human body.

Moving up the body ladder, Nasco offers a ½ life-sized Circulatory System Model, excellent for teaching how the entire vascular system works; Dimensional Man, a 6-ft. anatomical chart that transforms into a 3-D model, introducing students to the basic anatomy of bones, muscles, organs, arteries and veins; or a genderless 10-Part Human Torso, that displays the body’s systems and major organs.

But what if you only want an “armchair” view of this fascinating field? Nasco has plenty of posters to entertain and inform the senses on a visual playing field. The Peter Bachin 3-D Anatomical Chart Series is a set of 10 lithographed masterpieces of art, covering functioning body systems including Skeletal, Muscular, Reproductive, Vascular, and more. Our Systems of the Body Posters, sold individually, are also 3-D, and include additional relevant information across each poster. Try the Muscular System, or the Human Skeleton for starters. Simpler posters include Laboratory Safety Posters, Set of 10, or Science Methods Bulletin Board Set.

We have a full array of DVDs, books, and CD-ROMs for your armchair –- or classroom –- study. Try the Standard Deviants School Anatomy DVD Super Pack, or The Human Body: How It Works DVD Series for an all-inclusive informational experience.

And lest you think anatomy is all straight laced and boring, Nasco also offers such great products as Human Skeleton Playing Cards, Skeletons in the Closet Game, Human Anatomy Clever Catch® Inflatable Ball, Kid’s Anatomy Apron, or the Amazing Squishy Brain, a nine-piece transparent skull that you can fill with squishy brain parts, eyeballs, and vertebrae pieces. We also have a 3 pc.Human Skull that can sit right on the corner of your desk. How interesting is that?

The more you know about your body, the better you can take care of it. Whether it’s information for your students, or merely a better personal understanding of how things work, there is always something to learn in the wide world of Anatomy.

See…sometimes anatomy can be humerus…

Questions on any of our products? Feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Center at 1-800-558-9595, or visit our website


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