Nutrition Rules!

Fruits and Vegetables (3)I bet that when you were a kid, you’d roll your eyes every time your mother told you to eat your vegetables. Now that you’re older, you realize mom really did know what she was talking about.

Nutrition is on everyone’s mind these days. We all are aware of the need to eat smarter. This is the world of Nasco Nutrition.

Start when children are young. Our Health and Your Body Book Collection (EL10981) inspires healthy habits with easy-to-read pages. Healthy Eating with MyPlate Series (WA29074) teaches kids about the importance of a healthy diet.

Posters are always incentive-makers. Nasco’s Healthy Food Train Poster (WA28304) starts children out on the right track by showing lists of healthy foods and portions. And the Mini English Color Posters (WA28317, set of 9) are as colorful as they are informative.

Who wouldn’t have fun with the Periodic Table of Fruits and Vegetables Posters (SB48659), the Periodic Table of Sugar Poster (SB48009), the Period Table of Caffeine Beverages (WA25955), or the Period Table of Snacks (SB47210) Posters? You’ll be amazed how many calories and how much sugar chips and a soda can be!

Junk food is one of the most invasive pastimes of young and old. Junk Food Blubber Busters™ (SB34987) and Fast Food Blubber Busters™ (SB49316) show you just how much fat is in your favorites. Our Fast Food Poster (WA28309) highlights common fast food choices and healthier alternatives. And need a reminder how much sugar is in the foods and drinks we consume? Look no further than our Sugar Shocker Food Poster (WA31429).

Obesity in children and adults is not a laughing matter. Nasco carries DVDs that really bring this matter to light. Obesity: An American Epidemic (WA26781) and Big Kids (SB50023) powerfully examine the physical and emotional results of the problem.

Good eating can be a good time, too. Our MyPlate Bulletin Board Set (WA31314) features healthy food characters engaged in physical activity. The original MyPlate (WA29164) reminds kids to make wise choices. And you can learn portion sizes and a variety of healthy choices with the Healthy Food for a Healthy You Bingo Game (WA29860).

Eating healthy is a life long commitment. Start small, keep it going. Keep it fun. And check Nasco’s Nutrition and Hands-on Health catalogs for more great nutrition ideas!


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