Exercise Isn’t Just for Gym Class Anymore

12074316951124442156exercise fitness black.svg.hiWhen you think of exercise, do you think of Mr. Sumner’s grade-school gym class? Does the thought of working out bring flashbacks of endless jumping jacks in the gym? Today is a busier world than ones we fondly remember, be it ten months ago or ten years ago. But worry no more – Nasco’s Physical Education world has lots of products to make your reentry – or continued participation – in the world of sports and exercises a breeze.

Got game? Get the urge to get a few of your friends together for fun and fitness? We can add color and durability, no matter what sport you choose. A neighborhood baseball game? We have colorful Whiffle Baseballs (2-7/8”) for the beginner (White PE00310; Red PE00971; Purple PE00976 and more); a 9” Softouch® IncrediBall®, PE00575, or a 16” Chicago Style Official Clincher® PE01094 Baseball. Baseball bats? How about a colorful set including red, orange, blue, green, purple and yellow PE05833? Or gloves: Champion® 12” Leather/Vinyl Glove, PE00270 for lefties and PE00269 for righties; or a Franklin® 13” Fielders Glove, PE04945 for lefties, PE04944 for righties?

Maybe it’s easier to get your friends to play hoops. Gals and guys both will have a great time shooting with our huge assortment of basketballs. We carry great brands like Spaulding®, Wilson®, Baden®, Rawlings®, Champion®, Tachikara®, and Mikasa® in men, women, and junior sizes.

When the football game inside gets boring (or when you’ve had way too many snacks), why not grab the group and go outside and toss around your own pigskin? We have all prices ranges and materials, such as Wilson® 1005 NCAA Size 5 Leather Ball (PE05040), Fun Gripper® Grip Zone™ 8-1/2” Football in blue (PE03892), Yellow (PE03890), Red (PE03888) and more, or a 10-Man Flag Football Set (PE06695).

Maybe you’d like to develop – or redevelop – the grace of a gazelle and the eye of a hawk. Tennis might be more your style. Nasco carries great racquets such as the Champion® Aluminum Racquet with Leather Grip with Midsize Head (PE06479), or A MAC-T™ Motion Partner Tennis Racket Set of 6 (PE08641). We have lots of tennis balls, too: everything from a package of three Penn® Coach Teaching Balls (PE01096) to Gamma Quick Kids™ 36 Foam Balls (PE07967 for bag of 12 balls).

How about volleyball in the sand (or in the snow)? A colorful array awaits you! Try a Champion® Synthetic Leather Volleyball (PE05765), a Spaulding® TF-VB1 Volleyball in red/white/blue (PE08400), or a Tachikara® Fashion Volleyball in Shamrock Green (PE07489). Of course, plain white rules too: maybe a White Tachikara® Gold Volleyball (PE00092) or a Mikasa® Recreational Volleyball (PE04952).

Not a lot of room? Gymsticks Resistance Sets might just be for you. We have light resistance (PE07837) all the way up to Super Strong (PE07841). Nasco also carries SPRI®Xertubes®, (yellow PE05283, Green PE05284, Red PE05285, and more), or colorful Dyna-Band® Stretch Latex Resistance Bands (Light/Pink PE00587, Medium/Green PE00586, or Heavy Resistance/Purple PE00588). There are colorful Exercise Balls ranging from 18” dia. (PE05187 and more) to 37” (PE05192) dia.

Don’t forget that walking outside, around a gym, or through the mall are also great ways to keep in shape. We have a wonderful range of pedometers, including ULTRAK 240 with a large display and single button operation (PE07442), MAC-T® Pedometer (PE08013(A)), or an ACCUSPLIT® AE1620 Pedometer (WA25975).

Want to keep track of your heart rate too? We have a number of items to choose from. The Pulse Flash Heart Rate Monitor (PE09021) and the ePulse®2 Heart Rate Monitor & Calorimeter (PE07497) can be worn as watches. And the Omron® Body Logic™ Body Fat Analyzer SB28528 can give you measurements in seven seconds.

All in all, getting in shape is not just for gym class any more. It’s for all of us, no matter our age, size, or experience. Come check out our Physical Education catalog and see what exercise can be!

Questions on any of our products? Feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Center at 1-800-558-9595, or visit our website www.enasco.com.


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