Country for the Holidays

Winterscape 209Winter never slows down the farming community – through rain and snow and blow the rural community is always working for the land, the animals, and the future. So this holiday season, why not celebrate their – or your – way of life with gifts from the Ranch?

From Nasco’s Farm and Ranch Catalog, we should say.

Everyone loves novelty socks. Why not get some great sock patterns such as Cows All Over (C31679N), Chicks ‘n Eggs (C31674N), Tractors (C30425N), or Horses on Black (C31675N)?

Make your neighbors smile with our Holstein Cows in Pasture Mailbox (C13527N) or the Red Barn Mailbox (C13724N). Or how about a weather vane for your pole barn or garage? The 30” Cow (C28535N) and the 24” Black Cow (C28535N) Vanes are crafted of lightweight, rust-free, weather-resistant, recycled aluminum. Our Rooster Weather Vane (C06890N) is a three-dimensional vane of hand-cast aluminum and black, baked-enamel finish.

How about a belt buckle for your favorite farm lover? We have a black Angus bull (C13896N), a Jersey (C10858N), and a Holstein (C10871N) just for you. Maybe the girl in your life would love cattle earrings. Pierced posts come in Jersey (C12248(F)N) and Holstein (C12248(J)N) styles. Dangles include Holstein Udder Earrings (C32415N) and Holsteins (C09523N).

Nothing is lovelier than country-style wall hangings. Maybe you would enjoy Nasco’s Exclusive “Curious Reflections” Dairy Breed Afghan (C25974N). Made of 100% cotton tapestry for excellent color and detail, this 54″ x 70″ afghan showing the seven main dairy breeds would look great above a sofa or table. Our prints bring the outdoors inside, too: Shorthorns in Iowa (C31206N), a 26″ x 8-1/2″ limited edition print signed and numbered, or Autumn in the Grove (C31210N), a 16-1/2″ x 29″ print featuring a sparkling stream winding through cattle grazing, may be just what you are looking for.

Enjoy country in your kitchen? Then you will love serving with our John Deere Relief Stoneware Bowls in small, 5-3/4” x 2-3/4” (C33672N) or Large, 8-3/4” x 4-3/4” (C33671N). We also offer a John Deere Salt & Pepper Set (C33670N), John Deere Drinking Jar (C24167N), and a John Deere Diner Mug (C29995N) for your table.

Bring a smile to someone’s face with our Whistling Rooster Tea Kettle (C30243N) or our unique Eat Chicken (cow)/Eat Beef (chicken) Salt & Pepper Set (C32211N). And nothing can beat the smile on a child’s face when he uses our Moo Mixer Supreme (C25979N), a push-button chocolate milk glass/mixer that mixes for you! Why not?

We have toys and puzzles for both young and small on your holiday list, too. For little ones, Nasco carries a Melissa & Doug® Wooden Farm Animal Train Set (C33678N), a Jumbo Farm Animal Set (SB41633N), a Melissa & Doug Baby Farm Animals Stamp Set (C32901N), and an ERTL® Dairy Barn Set (C31928N).

Puzzles for young and old can be found at Nasco, too. How about a 12-piece Farm Animal Puzzles in a Box (C32190N), a Search & Find 48-pc. Sunny Hill Farm Floor Puzzle (C32192N), or our bigger challenges, a 500-piece Harvest Market (C33764N) or Yoder’s Market (C32994N) puzzle? We also carry Country Sights 100-piece Puzzle Set (SN35848C) which includes Sunrise Farm and Horse Corral, a Backyard Birds Puzzle Set of 2 (SN35764C, 300 pieces each), and extra-large piece puzzles, such as the 48-piece Horse Corral Puzzle (SN35538C). If those are too “easy” for you, Nasco carries a 1,000-piece End of a Working Day puzzle (C33765N) too.

And when day is done, and spring has sprung, you can sit on your porch and listen to our Tractor Wind Chimes (C31925N) that you thoughtfully bought for yourself.

Questions on any of our products? Feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Center at 1-800-558-9595, or visit our website






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