Who Was…?

Circlular-3D-Question-Mark-With-Black-BackgroundDid you ever wonder who Houdini was, or what he did? How about Ann Frank? Or Rosa Parks? Did you ever want to show examples of courage or integrity from the past but just didn’t know where to look?

Nasco has book sets that will set your mind – and your memory — free. Whether for teaching the class, reminiscence for seniors, or your personal collection, biographies are a way to keep the past present.

Nasco’s First Biographies Collection (SB35848) introduces even the youngest readers to great historical figures such as George Washington Carver and Harriet Tubman. Each 24-page book includes simple text highlights in the major events of their lives, plus photographs, illustrations, and word lists.

Introduce key figures of non-fiction to younger children with our Easy Reader Biographies (1505152). These engaging 16-page books feature lively text, captions, illustrations, and more. Biographies include Squanto, Betsy Ross, Susan B. Anthony, and others.

The People We Should Know Book Set (1506495), also for beginning readers, introduces the most important individuals in recent times and explains what makes them so remarkable. Biographies include Michelle Obama, Neil Armstrong, Tony Hawk, and more.

A more colorful series of influential figures from the past are included in our Who Was…Series (1503937). These 64-page books feature a wide range of topics that will motivate students to read and learn. Biographies include Helen Keller, Harry Houdini, Albert Einstein, Annie Oakley, and more.

No biography collection would be complete without world history figures. Nasco’s World History Biographies (1507607) are concise, visual, 112-page biographies about some of the world’s most fascinating figures, including Gandhi, Galileo, Newton, and Mozart.

Introduce students to the lives and achievements of pioneering men and women from diverse cultures, eras, and fields with the Rookie Biographies® Book Set. Set #1 (EL13357B) includes such famous names as Thomas Jefferson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, George Washington Carver, and Christopher Columbus. Set #2 (EL13356) includes such modern greats as Martin Luther King Jr., Jackie Robinson, Steve Jobs, and Walt Disney.

Those who have come before us are as important as those who will go after. Keep connected with Nasco’s great biography sets.

Questions on any of our products? Feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Center at 1-800-558-9595, or visit our website: www.enasco.com.



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