Earth Day

thBy now everyone has heard of Earth Day. Celebrated on April 22nd, Earth Day is a day of education and celebration about the Earth’s environment. More than a billion people worldwide celebrate it each year, and it encourages changes in human behavior that will provoke future policy changes.

Nasco has long been an advocate of the environment, and we have plenty of products to help you celebrate.

Make Earth Science fun while covering subjects like geology, astronomy, and meteorology with our Earth Science Battle (SB49997M). A Nasco Exclusive, the game encourages cooperative learning while using key applications.

Our InQuizaQuest® Earth Science Game (SB49989M), complete with DVD, employs an interactive game show-style format featuring six different categories, including Rocks and Minerals and Erosion and Weathering. Or discover the biomes of North America with the EcoQuest® Biomes Comparison Kit (SB38148M). This game acquaints students with different geographical landscapes and environments.

Who will survive? The many factors that affect survival come to play in Nasco’s Lucky Mammal Survival Game (SB49559M). Create an animal and see if it is able to adapt to a changing environment. Know much about ecosystems? Explore the world’s land and water systems by focusing on climate and life within the habitats with the Ecosystems Challenge (SB49732M) card game.

Nasco also has fun posters to help everyone learn about the Earth and its fragile habitats. Our Habitats Learning Chart Combo Pack (SB47736M) introduces students to diverse natural habitats through these teacher-created charts. Activities are included on the back of each chart, which includes Deserts, Forests, Coral Reefs, Tundras, Grasslands, and Wetlands.

How about some Go Green Activities to get your interest going? 5-Minute Go Green Activities Book (WA28144M) are quick, easy, and effective activities that allow children (and adults!) to get thinking about easy ways to incorporate green practices, including water use, transportation, food choices, and more. Our Environmental Situation Cards (C29136M) present 50 common environmental issues affecting people in all parts of the world, and ask questions for the reader to consider and address, including global warming, ecology, and fossil fuels.

Earth Day can be celebrated in many different ways. Besides learning about the environment with our games and cards, you can single-handedly help the environment by planting wildflowers, flowers that attract butterflies, or grow an organic garden.

You can read more about Earth Day at its official site,

Questions on any of our products? Feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Center at 1.800.558.9595, or visit our website,





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