Whirl-Pak® Catalog is Now Available!

admin-ajax copyThe Nasco WhirlPak® catalog is now available from Nasco in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin; Modesto, California; and Spectrum/Nasco in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

The 2016-2017 WhirlPak® Laboratory Sampling Productshttps://www.enasco.com/c/Lab-Sampling/Whirl-Pak-Bags catalog presents a wide array of products used for sampling in the food, dairy, water, waste water, clinical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, environmental, soil, forage, cosmetic, and other markets.

The 36-page catalog features Whirl-Pak® Laboratory Sample Bags for quality control testing, product analysis, and many other laboratory applications. Designed with patented puncture-proof tabs, they are the only sample bags on the market with this unique feature. A patented process eliminates the sharp wire ends on the tab, eliminating bag puncture, scratching of hands, or damage to gloves.

The +1 sterilization logo emphasizes the importance of the sterilization step that only Whirl-Pak® bags go through at an ISO-certified facility after manufacturing. Lot numbers provide traceability for easy online access to sterility documentation for every box of bags.

For a free copy of the 2016-2017 Nasco Laboratory Sampling Products catalog, please contact Nasco at 1.800.558.9595; e-mail info@eNasco.com; or visit whirl-pak.com. In Canada, call 1.800.668.0600 or visit whirlpak.spectrum-nasco.ca.



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