Puzzles for Seniors

Puzzles are fun for all ages, but sometimes senior citizens need a little more encouragement because of memory loss or energy issues. Each person solves these riddles at their own pace, and Nasco’s Senior Activities catalog covers these bases with puzzles that appeal to older generations.

Seasons of the year become simple with MindStart® 24-Piece Seasonal Puzzles. Check out Autumn (SN32425C), Winter (SN32426C), Spring (SN32427C), and Summer (SN32428C). These puzzles are easy to do, yet adult-oriented, providing cognitive stimulation. MindStart® also offers puzzle sets with bold colors and little detail that work well with middle dementia and low vision participants. Try Set 1 Puzzles (SN32518C) that include Candy, Ice Cream, Flowers, and Sports; or Set 2 Puzzles (SN32517C) that include Fishing, Baking, Baseball, and Gardening.

Nothing stirs the heart and attention more than images from the past. Whether nostalgia for the farm or for the way things “used to be,” Nasco carries puzzles to keep your patients, family members, or yourself busy.

Stir memories of the farm with Puzzles in a Wooden Box Country Farm Set (SN31602C). Each 24-piece puzzle is laminated with a different colorful scene including tractors, barns, and horses. Or try Country Barn (SN36275C), 63 pieces; Wash on the Line (SN36276C), 63 pieces; or Horse Corral Puzzle (SN35538C), 48 pieces; and Pretty Kitty (SN35601C, 12 pieces).

We also carry larger puzzles for those who love figuring out the whole picture. includes two 100-piece puzzles, Sunrise Farm and Horse Corral; and Household Pets, Set of 2 (SN36270C), which includes two 200-piece puzzles That’s My Ball, and Puppy Wagon. Nasco also carries puzzles of 300 pieces or more to stimulate memories of the past and future. Our Backyard Birds Puzzles (SN35764C) includes both Bertie’s Bird Seed Fly-In and Trumpet Vines & Sparrows puzzles. The beauty of our feathered friends comes alive with our Bird Puzzles (SN30958C). Bring heartwarming scenes to life with our Days Gone By Puzzles (SN36244C). The set of two includes The Daredevil and Old Pumpkin FarmAutumn Puzzle Set, Set of 2,  (SN35848C) are 500 Pieces each.  Childhood Memories Puzzles (SN35871C) contains two puzzles titled The Toy Train and Berry Pickin’.

Our 500-piece puzzles are the ultimate in attention holders. Try our Canned Veggies Puzzle (SN35805C) or  Harvest Market Puzzle (C33764N), for hours of concentration and fun.

It is important to keep minds of all ages busy and productive. Nasco’s Senior Activities catalog has plenty of products to keep senior citizens thinking, reasoning, and having fun. Find more fun puzzles and word games at enasco.com.



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