Keep Your Calves Warm and Healthy

ac157240pThe chill of winter is upon us. Whether North or South, it doesn’t take much for the temperature to dip below freezing. And there’s no better way to keep your calves protected than with blankets and supplements from our Farm & Ranch catalog.

Keep your valuable calves warm and toasty with Thinsulate™ insulation in double layer thickness with our Double Insulated Calf Blanket. These extra protective blankets come in Small (C29653N) and Regular (C29654N) sizes. Try our Calf Warming Blankets in Large (C32287N) or Extra Large (C32286N) to keep your calf warm and comfortable, or the Weaver® Calf Blanket (C34356N) with its quilted design and elastic bands that provide the perfect fit.

Nasco’s Warm-Up Calf Jackets Small (C33542N) and Large (C33543N) have a Cordura® outer shell and quilted 3M Thinsulate™ lining that traps and holds heat while allowing moisture to escape for warm, dry, and healthy calves. The Original Calf Jacket also is weather resistant with a Cordura® outer shell and quilted 3M Thinsulate™ liner. Try the Jersey-Size (C28930N), Medium (C31616N), Large (C27111N), X-Large (C28931N), or XX-Large (C28932N) Calf Jacket for lasting wear and warmth.

Newborn calves need extra nutrition, especially during the cold months. Nasco carries nutritional supplements to help build a defensive shield against the pathogens that can appear after birth.

Calf’s Choice Total® HiCal All Natural Dried Bovine Colostrum Replacer (C28932N) is made from 100% natural first-day colostrum, nutritionally balanced and complete..Calf Solutions™ ULTRA START® 150 Calf Colostrum Replacer (C30268N) is made from only high-quality, first- and second-milking bovine colostrum from selected Grade A dairies. Save-A-Caf® Colustrum Replacer 100 (C33958N) contains a minimum of 100g of bovine globulin proteins per feeding, fortified with essential vitamins and trace minerals.

Nasco also carries colostrum supplements in the form of colostrum paste and boluses. Check out First Defense® Bovine Coronavirus-Escherichia coli Antibody Boluses (C31275N), the only USDA and CFIA approved colostrum-derived product to defend against K99+ E. coli and Coronavirus. Colostral•Aid (C31939N) provides fast and convenient colostral immune support to newborn calves and helps address stress-related issues in high-risk animals.

Take care of your newborn calves with blankets, supplements, and health supplements from our Farm & Ranch website pages. Try Colostrum Supplements, Blankets, or Vitamin Supplements to keep your young livestock warm and healthy during the cold days of winter.

Questions on any of our products? Feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Center at 1.800.558.9595, or visit our website at



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