International Artists Day

Today is International Artists Day, a day to celebrate artists all over the world. They include painters, photographers, sculptors, musicians, dancers, writers, actors, digital artists, and more. 

What better way to celebrate International Artists Day than to create a little art yourself? 

Nasco has lesson plans for your students that encourage creativity in the style of famous International artists. These art projects can be done any time of the year. All lesson plans include instructions and a materials list. Take a look at some our International and Domestic Artist Lesson Plans:


International Artists


Vol. 86 – Hundertwasser Inspired Building 


Vol. 56 – Vincent Van Gogh and His Sunflowers


Vol. 47 – Abstract Portrait Profiles Inspired by Picasso 


Vol. 75 – Giacometti Figures


Domestic Artists


Vol. 53 – 3-D Georgia O’Keeffe Flower Pins


Vol. 97 – Wood Collage Inspired by Louise Nevelson


Give your classroom artwork to remember while they learn about artists from around the world. And be sure to check out our Arts & Crafts Lesson Plans page for more great classroom art ideas!

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