The Future of Math

What is the future of Math? How has it changed? How will it change in the future? Nasco asked Math’s Category Manager Dixie Weidman several pertinent questions about the evolution of Math and the challenges teachers face.  How has learning Math changed in the last 10-20 years? Learning and teaching math has changed dramatically and…

Money Money

It’s getting to be that season again – the season of spending more than we have. Why not teach children at an early age the plusses and pitfalls of money and credit? Nasco’s Math catalog has everything you need to teach students all they need to know about dimes, quarters, dollar bills, and checking accounts….

Rekenreks to the Rescue!

Teachers, Tutors, Home School Parents…Lend Me Your Rekenrek! The Rekenrek is a unique tool that allows children to develop number sense at their own pace.  The beads alternate from red to white every five beads, inviting students to think in groups of five and ten, helping build number relationships that lead to more advanced strategies….

Free Math Lesson Plans

Math can be a complicated subject. Even the best of students may get stuck trying to understand certain concepts. Nasco has downloadable Math Lesson Plans to help teachers work with students of all levels. Often created by teachers for teachers, these free PDF MathWorks Lesson Plans are engaging lesson plans for all grade levels that…