The tag on my shirt says to dry clean, must I?

Many times manufacturers aren’t sure how to care for the garment and error on the side of safety.


Food safety secrets in my school foods lab

Using the correct tools always makes the job easier and usually ends with better results. The biggest problem most of us have with needles is not changing them often enough. Damaged and worn needles will cause problems like broken stitches, puckering, or damage to the fabric to name just a few. The type of needle […]

Learn to Sew!

Teaching professionals know that sewing is an excellent vehicle to use when teaching and reinforcing academic skills. You can address many of your state and national standards with sewing, and it’s a fun way to apply and reinforce learning. Nasco’s sewing kits teach practical sewing skills while building self-esteem, reading, and math skills. These delightful…