Nasco Releases 2017 Agricultural Sciences Catalog

10AgScip001-FCThe 2017 Agricultural Sciences catalog, offering the latest instructional aids and supplies for the agricultural sciences, is now available from Nasco in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, and Modesto, California.

Nasco’s Agricultural Sciences catalog is a resource for nearly all vocational agriculture teaching needs. It’s been updated with the newest educational items, including books, DVDs, hands-on teaching aids, STEM education products, educational kits, animal models, and supplies for the Vo-Ag classroom. The catalog includes items for livestock production, agronomy, horticulture, showing and judging, safety, aquaculture, veterinary supplies, artificial insemination, testing equipment, beekeeping, and much more.

The 355-page catalog contains over 600 new products, covers all areas of agriculture, and includes a broad selection of farm supplies and equipment, plus hundreds of hard-to-find farm and home supplies!

Visit Nasco Agricultural Sciences online at to view the entire catalog, including teacher resource materials, new products, and special website sale items.

For your free copy of the 2017 Nasco Agricultural Sciences catalog, call 1.800.558.9595, order online at, or write to: Nasco, 901 Janesville Avenue, P.O. Box 901, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538-0901.

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Celebrate National Chemistry Week

1dacff80d6deff4599652d5c2b00d0c4-copy“I would tell you a chemistry joke…but all the good ones ARgon…”

So goes the world of Chemistry in general and the Periodic Table of Elements in particular.

October 16-22, 2016 is National Chemistry Week. Local schools, businesses, and organizations all work to promote the value of chemistry in everyday life. From Ac (Actinium) to Zr (Zirconium), the world of elements can baffle the most curious of students. Nasco has a number of products that take these baffling elements and puts them into practical, eye-catching use.

Let’s start with the Photographic Periodic Table (SB43808M). This beautifully photographed periodic table adheres to strict scientific accuracy, but its focus is inspirational rather than strictly informational. The samples have been carefully chosen to represent the diversity of each element. Measuring 53” x 27”, the reverse side includes greater technical data along with brief descriptions. The Periodic Table in Earth and Sky Poster (SB37494M) features 117 color photos and graphics, showing samples of minerals and crystals for elements. Includes element symbols, atomic numbers and weights, electron figurations, and more. The Periodic Element Chart (SB16425M) measures 24” x 36”, and is a seven-color depiction of the modern periodic table with 114 elements.

Something bigger in mind? How about the Super Size Periodic Table of the Elements Poster (SB46808M)? This durable, long-lasting vinyl poster measures 48” x 64” and is filled with colorful, eye-catching presentations with key information for 118 elements. Our Giant-Sized Periodic Table (SA05540M) makes teaching more effective in larger classrooms and lecture halls. It measures 96” x 48”, and its three-color printing ensures maximum visibility. Our 3-D Periodic Table (SB46735M) measures 22” x 11”, and is the first and only lenticular 3-D photographic periodic table of the elements. A beautiful 3-D photo of the element represents each element, with detailed descriptions on the back.

For those who cannot get enough of the Periodic Table, or want to delve deeper into its fascinating world, Nasco carries two different sets of DVDs for your viewing pleasure. The Periodic Table for Students Series (SB42359M) examines the relationship between atomic structure and the properties of matter. The five-volume set includes Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table, The History of the Periodic Table, Properties of Compounds, Properties of Elements, and Using the Periodic Table. The Periodic Table of Elements 5-Pack DVD Series (SB41287M) examines the role of the elements in our daily lives, including exploring alkali metals, alkaline-earth metals, and transition metals.

Of course, we cannot have a periodic table without having a little fun, can we? Why not check out our Periodic Table Shower Curtain (SB43366M), which presents the building blocks of all matter on a white, translucent background. It measures 71” x 71” and is 70% EVA/30% PE, an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC. We also carry a Periodic Table Pen (SB48226M) for those times when you need a quick portable glance at the elements.

You can find more information about Chemistry, the Periodic Table of Elements, and Science in general on our website,



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Never Too Young to Learn Manners

You are never too young to learn social skills. Help children make sense of the “rules” when it comes to emotions and manners with friendly reminders from Nasco’s Early Learning catalog.

Help children recognize different emotions and the facial and body language that go with them with the Know Your Emotions Book Collection (EL10980J). This set of 4 books includes Worry Is, Angry Is, Sad Is, and Scared Is. The First Time Book Series (EL12345J) helps make new experiences enjoyable and rewarding. Set of 8 books includes Vet, Doctor, Hospital, Dentist, School, Sports Day, School Trip, and Performance.

Explore manners concepts with monster friends in the book set Monster Knows Manners (EL11625J). The four books include Monster Knows Please and Thank You, Monster Knows Table Manners, Monster Knows I’m Sorry, and Monster Knows Excuse Me. If children ever wonder why we need to whisper in the library, raise a hand in class, or eat with our mouths closed, our Way to Be! Manners Book Collection (EL10982J) explains it all in easy-to-read pages. The set of 10 books include Manners in the Lunch Room, Manners at a Friend’s House, Manners on the Playground, Manners in Public, and more. And Our Emotions and Behavior Book Set (EL11692J) helps children understand how their emotions and actions are related and how they can learn to manage both. The 8-book collection includes I’m Not Happy, Who Feels Scared?, But What If?, I Didn’t Do It, and more.

Bulletin board sets are great classroom reminders for younger students. Nasco carries several sets that encourage early social skills and positive behavior. Our Social Skills Bulletin Board Set/Feelings (SN32249J) is a set of 5 posters that promotes positive action including Feelings, Things I Can Do, and Practice Deep Breathing. The Social Skills Bulletin Board Set/I Make Good Choices (SN32248J) includes posters on How I Make Friends, How I Do My Best, and I Can Say. Help students express how they feel at any given moment with the Social Skills Bulletin Board/Feelings Clock (SN35655B). The clock can be programmed with a variety of photographic and illustrated emotion icons, six programmable spaces, and a choice of clock hands.

Curriculum books for teachers always help take the stress out of teaching social skills. The Kindness Curriculum (EL12682J) helps teachers stop bullying before it starts by reinforcing values of compassion, conflict resolution, respect, and other important social values. And Social Skills Matter! (SN35660J) includes over 80 reproducible mini-books for children to assemble, color, read, and make their own, covering topics such as school-day behavior, making good choices, and behavior management.

Good manners and healthy emotional expression is a key to the next generation’s success. You can find more social skills learning tools on our Early Learning website ( And if you have questions about any of our products, feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Department at 1.800.558.9595, or visit our website at

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Nasco Releases 2017 SIMLAB® Catalog

17simlab_01vr3The 2017 SIMLAB® Catalog is now available from Nasco in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, and Modesto, California.

The catalog offers healthcare simulation solutions, including specialized skills trainers and medical training simulators, to aid in the training of healthcare professionals at all levels. Extreme attention is paid to every detail — Nasco’s exclusive Life/form® simulators and anatomical replicas are molded from living models (or cadavers when appropriate) to ensure accuracy and lifelike features. In addition to trainers and simulators, this 180-page catalog also features comprehensive moulage kits, allowing you to create simulated wounds and other health conditions.

Some of the new Life/form® highly specialized skills trainers in this year’s catalog include the Advanced Injection Belly, Advanced Pelvic Examination and Gynecological Simulator, and the Cricothyrotomy Simulator. The catalog also features hundreds of new simulation products for simulation labs of all sizes. All Life/form® products include a five-year warranty.

Visit the Nasco SIMLAB® catalog regularly online at to review resource materials, new products, and special website sale items.

For your free copy of the 2017 Nasco SIMLAB® catalog, call 1.800.558.9595, order online at, or write to: Nasco, 901 Janesville Avenue, P.O. Box 901, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538-0901.

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Come to the World Dairy Expo!

wde-50th-logo-finalThe 50th World Dairy Expo kicks off October 4-8, 2016.

The World Dairy Expo is where the dairy industry meets.  No other dairy event in the world compares. Designed for dairy producers and industry partners, World Dairy Expo is a showcase for elite dairy cattle, cutting edge research and modern technologies. It serves as a forum for dairy producers, companies, organizations, and other dairy enthusiasts to come together to compete, and to exchange ideas, knowledge, technology and commerce.

The World Dairy Expo competitions are not limited to the Dairy Cattle Show.  Numerous other contests are hosted at this premier dairy event…some for producers, some for youth, and some for dairy processors. National dairy cattle judging contests are one of the highlights with divisions for 4-H, FFA, Post-Secondary and Collegiate teams. These highly competitive contests are held Monday and Tuesday during World Dairy Expo. One of the largest contests of its type in the world, the World Dairy Expo Dairy Product Championship Contest is the only contest in North America that evaluates and ranks all types of dairy products. And the World Forage Analysis Superbowl brings the best from across North America to compete in this important facet of dairy nutrition quality.

Last year’s Expo brought over 72,000 dairy enthusiasts through the doors, including over 3,000 registered International Guests from 94 different countries. The Expo housed 2,296 head of dairy cattle, encompassing all 7 breeds.

Nasco has it’s own booth at the Expo. We even set up a store for you for all your dairy needs. You can find us in the Coliseum building, Main Concourse, booth MC 1-5.

Join us as one of the 70,000+ dairy industry enthusiasts who make the trip to World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin. It is truly the international meeting place for the dairy industry.

More info on the World Dairy Expo can be found at their website, And be sure to shop Nasco’s Farm and Ranch catalog or online at for all your farm and agriculture needs.

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Nasco Releases 2017 Special Education Catalog

cover91The new 2017 Special Education Catalog is now available from Nasco in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, and Modesto, California.

This 116-page catalog, with over 300 new products, has a wide range of supplies for the following areas: fine and gross motor skills; communication and adaptive communication; computer equipment and software; assistive technology; basic learning skills including writing, reading, math, time, money, social studies, and science; transition skills; games; arts and crafts; sensory integration; time management; and equipment and furniture.

Nasco provides high-quality educational, therapeutic, and adaptive products and resources at great prices and quick delivery. We are pleased to partner with education professionals, therapists, and parents to help all learners with special needs reach their full potential.

For your free copy of the 2017 Nasco Special Education Catalog, call 1.800.558.9595, order online at, or write to: Nasco, 901 Janesville Avenue, P.O. Box 901, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538-0901.

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2016-2017 Farm & Ranch Catalog is Here!


Nasco’s new 2016-2017 Farm & Ranch catalog, mailed throughout the United States and worldwide, features the world’s largest variety of agricultural equipment and supplies.

The 308-page Farm & Ranch catalog features over 600 new products in addition to a current selection of several thousand items that can be used on all types of farms. Included is a large variety of commonly used items for both large and small farm and livestock operations, including “nontraditional farms” such as organic and hobby farms.

The Nasco Farm & Ranch catalog also includes many unique and hard-to-find products. Special sections spotlight livestock ID, veterinary supplies, showing and grooming supplies, artificial insemination equipment, testing equipment, calf rearing, pest control, and farm home products.

View the Nasco Farm & Ranch catalog online at to explore new products and special website sale items. For your free copy of the 2016-2017 Nasco Farm & Ranch catalog, call 1.800.558.9595, order online at, or write to: Nasco, 901 Janesville Avenue, P.O. Box 901, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538-0901.

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Music Turns Back the Hands of Time

music-notes-symbol-high-definition-wallpaperMusic can bring back memories of long ago – or just yesterday. When interacting with seniors, what better way to bring them into the conversation than with musical CDs? Nasco has dozens of offerings to bring back the memories of both young and old.

Theme music is a wonderful way to create good feelings among listeners. Bluegrass Mountain Memories (SN32422C) features bluegrass instrumental favorites performed using a hammered dulcimer, guitar, fiddle, bass, banjo, and mandolin. Western Themes (SN32421C) features famous themes from classic westerns including Bonanza, High Noon, and The Ballad of Davy Crockett. And who could resist Patriotic Songs of the U.S.A. (9718265C), a collection of America’s most popular and best-loved anthems, including Yankee Doodle Dandy and Stars and Stripes?

Move through the memories of the ‘40s with mood music from Nasco. The ‘40s: A Sentimental Journey (SN32203C) celebrates the many moods of the 1940s, including Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, Till We Meet Again, and The White Cliffs of Dover. Frank Sinatra is king with the Frank Sinatra 2-CD Set (SN31349C), which includes the CDs Frank Sinatra: The Legend and Sinatra in Love. Nothing brings back memories like Big Bands Greatest Hits (SN36299C), 4 CDs full of swinging songs including In the Mood, Sentimental Journey, and Take the A Train. And nothing hits the nostalgia nerve like Lawerence Welk: A Musical Anthology 3-CD Set (SN00507C), bringing the Champagne Music Makers to entertain you with nostalgic favorites from the program that began in 1955.

Move up to the ‘50s and ‘60s with music that will strum a chord in your memory’s heart. ‘50s Selection 2-CD Set (SN32117C) is a musical salute to the early days of rock and roll. Includes two CDs: Rocking in the Fifties boasts hits like Rock Around the Clock and Wake Up Little Susie; and Soda Shop Romance brings back memories with Johnny Angel and Dream Lover. The Hits of the Sixties 2-CD Set (SN31350C) is full of songs that are sure to have your residents singing, dancing, and remembering their younger years. The ‘60s Hits of the Ladies CD includes He’s So Fine and It’s My Party; and 1960’s No. 1 Hits include Sugar Sugar, Stay, and Game of Love. What ‘50s celebration is complete without Elvis? The Elvis Presley 2-CD Set (SN31356C) will have seniors remembering what they were doing when Hound Dog, Don’t Be Cruel, or Are You Lonesome Tonight played through the jukebox. And, of course, cruising ‘60s style is all about Surf the Street: Surf Hits of the ‘60s (SN36333C) which makes you think of driving with the top down to Telstar, Walk Don’t Run, and Surfin’.

Bring involvement and entertainment to your gatherings with Show Tunes Accompaniment CDs. Each set contains one CD with fully orchestrated songs sung in the original show key and tempo, and a second CD with the same songs but no vocals. Try The King and I (SN35782C), Oklahoma (SN35783C), Fiddler on the Roof (SN35784C), or The Sound of Music (SN35785C).

Sometimes residents and elderly family members just want to listen to soothing music. Nasco offers soft, harmonic tunes that relax excited minds. Try Aromatherapy: Music for Massage (SN36335C) with five ambient instrumental soundscapes; Harmony: Sounds of Meditation (SN36336C), a tranquil blend of sounds that renew your energy and bring balance to your mind; Jeff Gold Music – Escapes: Music for Relaxing (SN35683C), filled with melodic and uplifting tunes that are soothing and relaxing; or Jeff Gold Music – Simple Treasures (SN35684C), music to help calm down and de-stimulate.

Music has the ability to soothe, rejuvenate, and help us remember the good times. Be sure to visit Nasco’s Senior Activities website for more CD and DVD ideas for you and your seniors. Or order yourself a catalog for your desktop at

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Learn to Sew!

ac081376Teaching professionals know that sewing is an excellent vehicle to use when teaching and reinforcing academic skills. You can address many of your state and national standards with sewing, and it’s a fun way to apply and reinforce learning. Nasco’s sewing kits teach practical sewing skills while building self-esteem, reading, and math skills.

These delightful pillow kits contain all of the materials needed to make the pillow (except stuffing): pattern, fabric (65% polyester/35% cotton broadcloth), felt, embroidery floss, notions, thread, needle, name tag, and instruction sheet.

Why not start with our To-Sew Cartoon Pillow Kits? We carry a number of fun, easy projects. Some of our Level 1 Kits include Bumblebee, 16″ x 14″ (WA27776H); Ice Cream Cone, 13″ x 19″ (WA25671H); Raccoon, 13″ x 14″ (WA25662H); Pink (WA25529H) or Blue (WA25528H) MP3 Player, 11″ x 18″; Shark, 15″ x 23″ (WA25657H); or Watermelon, 19″ x 10″ (WA25665H).

To-Sew Level 2 Cartoon Pillow Kits include Giraffe, 12″ x 18″ (WA30017H); Owl, 15″ x 19″ (WA31705H); Strawberry, 12″ x 16″ (WA31706H); Zebra, 13″ x 18″ (WA29249H); Elephant, 13″ x 14″ (WA32439H); or Silly Sports Basketball Pillow, 16″ x 16″ (WA27772H).

Or how about Felt Friends? These individual projects are constructed using embroidery floss to hand-sew the felt pieces together with an overcast or blanket stitch. Perfect for beginner sewers! Kits include felt, instructions, paper pattern, a #5 crewel needle, embroidery floss, and a “Made by” label. Try Potbelly Bear, Skill Level 2C (WA27766H); Elephant, Skill Level 2C (WA27767H); Horse, Skill Level 2D (WA33703H); Giraffe, Skill Level 2D (WA30028H); Frog, Skill Level 2D (WA29587H); Sea Horse, Skill Level 2D (WA31707H); or Hippo, Skill Level 2D (WA32876H).

And how can kids not love making Peejay the Sock Monkey, (WA26927H)? This kit includes socks, buttons, cotton floss, felt flannel (may vary), pom-pom, embroidery needle, and instructions in English, French, and Spanish. Also includes adoption papers, fabric, and pattern instructions included for his cute teddy bear friend.

Of course, you’ll need stuffing for all these creative crafts. Nasco has you covered there, too! We carry Polyester White Stuffing, 12-oz. Bag (WA25679H), or Polyester Fiberfill, 20 oz. (9731389H).

Check out our Family & Consumer Sciences catalog for more Sewing & Ironing projects. Questions on any of our products? Feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Center at 1.800.558.9595, or visit our website at

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Artworks Lesson Plans Bring Creativity to the Classroom


Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
― Thomas Merton, No Man is an Island

Teaching art is so much more than brush to canvas or colored pencil to paper. It is a world that can be creative and confusing at the same time. Nasco’s Arts & Crafts catalog has created a series of free Artworks Lesson Plans to bring new and wonderful experiences to art classes of all ages. Almost all conform to National Core Art Standards.

Here are just a few:

Blind Contouring Optical Art Lesson Plan

Students will understand and apply techniques necessary to develop a composition, including a blind contour drawing with an optical art-drawn background.

Copper Etching

Students will be able to state the correct order and progression of the steps of etching, explain what a “resist” is and what an “etch” is and how they are used in the etching process, use proper technique and follow the correct progression of the process in order to complete a properly etched, detailed design, and more.

Engraving Art Portraits

Students will use compositional skills to make a sketch, learn the importance of doing a self-portrait and how to combine di­fferent mediums to create a “set” of works, and draw a successful negative image by doing a scratchboard self-portrait that combines drawing skills and pattern making.

Crazy Quilts Note Cards

Using Crazy Quilts as inspiration, students will create note cards with a variety of adhesive backed papers. The overall design will appear random with overlapping pieces of adhesive papers and drawing marks for embellishment.

Art Historian Fashion Statement

Students will gain appreciation of a famous artist of their choice, design an imitation, learn how to create dynamic representation of the artwork using diluted acrylic paint, and use fabric paint to embellish final touches.

Recycled Bead Mosaics

Students will study the artist Stephan Wanger. learn about the history of New Orleans Mardi Gras, understand the importance of recycling, and create a mosaic made of recycled beads.

Create Your Own Terra Cotta Warrior of the Qin Dynasty

Students will incorporate history, aesthetics, criticism, and personal expression; utilize ceramic sculptural techniques to create a three-dimensional clay warrior sculpture while reinforcing basic vocabulary associated with clay, and encourage good craftsmanship and work habits.

Stained Glass

Students will learn the basic steps of creating a stained glass panel (including glass cutting, copper foiling, assembly, soldering, and finishing), practice accuracy and precision in the assembly of a stained glass panel, and practice safe work habits in the classroom.

Mexican Bark Painting…Tree of Life

Students will learn how Amate Bark Paintings were created in the pre-Columbian Mesoamerican period and how they relate to Latin American culture, and produce a visual representation of an Amate Bark Painting using similar colors, symbols, and subject matter.

Figure Mosaics

Students will be introduced to the art of mosaics and to the basic human figure; create a figure mosaic, gaining experience using pattern, repetition, and variety; and experience working in a “team” setting.

Mod Podge® Head Collage

Students will create a collage using their imagination and creativity, cut out shapes and experiment with their placement, and work with a variety of shapes, surfaces, etc.


All free lesson plans contain objectives, instructions, pictures, and materials lists.

Many of the plans extend over multiple class periods, giving students time to understand and create their own masterpieces. Also, these plans are created by those invested in the arts: teachers, art directors, and artists from all creative branches.

Visit our Arts & Crafts webpage and find dozens more Artworks Lesson Plans for you, your students, and your world.







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September is National Honey Month

beeSeptember is National Honey Month!

All that sweet, gooey goodness produced by bees from the nectar of plants and flowers. Whether buzzing in their hives or foraging for nectar in wide-open fields, honeybees are a critical component of today’s agricultural market.

And who knows more about today’s Ag market and beekeeping than Nasco?

Reading and Research are great places to start. Homegrown Honey Bees: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Beekeeping Your First Year, from Hiving to Honey Harvest (C34129N) is a great place to start gathering essential information to see you through the first year, from inspecting the hive to avoiding stings. 160 pages. Homemade Living: Keeping Bees (All You Need to Know to Tend Hives, Harvest Honey & More) (C33755N) has the lowdown on key issues such as space and time considerations; local ordinances; and the basics of acquiring, housing, maintaining, and caring for bees year round. 136 pages. And, of course, who can resist Beekeeping for Dummies 2nd Edition (C26955N), 392 pages of detailed and easy-to-follow guidelines for all phases of honey production, including complete instructions for building and maintaining beehives?

Now that you have decided to follow your passion, Nasco carries plenty of equipment for all your beekeeping needs. Our Little Giant® Woodenware Beehive 10-Frame Beginner Hive Kit (C33708N), made from untreated pine, enables both beginning and established beekeepers to expand their hobby or business. It’s specially designed features include a 10-frame Langstroth hive with frames and foundation installed, gloves, veil, smoker, and more. The Little Giant® Woodenware 10-Frame Complete Beehive (C33707N) includes a telescoping outer cover with protective metal layer, vented inner cover 10-frame deep hive body, screened bottom board, mite grid, and more.

We also carry replacement parts for your bee’s home, including a Replacement Outer Cover (C34130N), Screened Bottom Board (C34132N), Inner Cover (C34131N), Beehive Frame Feeder (C33732N), a Plastic Queen Excluder (C33725N) that prevents the queen from producing brood in the honey supers, and Replacement Frames (C33697N, Deep Hive Frame, or C33724N, Medium Hive Frame).

Next comes Bee Maintenance 101. Honey B Healthy Feeding Supplement for Bees (C34135N) is used in winter and spring to stimulate the immune system of the bee (100% natural!), Bee-Pro® Pollen Substitute Powder (C34137N) provides bees with the best nutrients for the production of larval food, and Mite Away Quick Strips (C34136N) are used for the treatment and control of Varroosis caused by the Varroa destruction in honeybees. The Beehive Entrance Feeder (C33698N) allows space for bees to come and go while nourishing them with simple syrup when natural food sources are scarce. The Beehive Hole Plug (C33709N) aids in ventilation and provides an entrance for bees when snow banks grow. And a Bee Hive Smoker (C33727N) will help calm your bees when working on your hives.

Our Beekeeping Brush (C33693N) gently removes bees from the frames both during inspection of hives and during removal of frames for honey extraction. The Hive Tool (C33717N) is a versatile multi-tasker complete with scraping edge, nail-pulling hole, and an angled end that is designed specifically to fit on a hive frame and pull it loose.

Extracting the honey is a breeze with Nasco beekeeping products. The Plastic 2-Frame Extractor (C33700N) includes honey gate and cover. Our Stainless Steel 2-Frame Extractor (C33701N) provides the simplicity of a hand-crank extractor with the superior quality of an 18/10 stainless steel material.

And don’t forget your own safety. Nasco carries Deluxe Beekeeping Jackets & Veils (C33719N and more); Beekeeping Veils with Built-In Hat (C33718N), Beekeeping Tyvek® Coveralls (C33729N and more), and Beekeeping Gloves (C33703N and more).

Bee sure to check out for more beekeeping supplies and honey containers. (And yes, Bee is the pun of the day!) You can also stop by the National Honey Board at and check out the latest in beekeeping, recipes, and, of course, honey.


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Science and STEM


Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

In our economy, a quality education for all students is necessary to prepare them to prosper in work and in life. The ultimate goal of STEM education is to encourage students to take an interest in STEM subjects at an early age. This should be beneficial to them when they enter the job market, and in turn it should benefit the economy as a whole.

Nasco’s dedication to STEM projects and plans encourages growth in all sciences. And with our free STEMWorks Activities and Lesson Plans, education makes more sense to both teachers and students.

Here is a sample of our free Science STEM Lesson Plans:

Science Lesson Plan Volume 3: CO2 Effects in the Lungs.

Explore the function of the respiratory system, gain concept of the respiratory process, and be able to explain how gases are exchanged between the lungs and the bloodstream.

Science Lesson Plan Volume 5: Factors Affecting Bridge Strength.

Create two geometric shapes (square and triangle) to determine which is more stable; relate examples of bridges they have seen; describe the example, draw a picture of it, and learn the names of the three main types of bridges; apply their knowledge of geometric shapes to design a truss bridge; and more.

Science Lesson Plan Volume 6: Why Do We Only See One Side of the Moon from Earth?

Observe the earth/moon relationship, develop concept of rotation vs. revolution, and develop concept of why we see only one side of the moon.

Science Lesson Plan Volume 8: Animal Track Stamp Stories.

Develop a basic understanding of adaptation; integrate science, reading, writing, and reasoning skills; and understand the concept of predator and prey.

Science Lesson Plan Volume 10: Cheek Cell Slides.

Observe the basic structure of a human cell and be able to identify an animal cell by its structure.

Science Lesson Plan Volume 11: Diffusion/Passive Transport.

Observe and be able to explain diffusion and passive transport, and be able to determine the difference between a cell wall and cell membrane.

Science Lesson Plan Volume 12: Giant Flowering Plants.

Observe pictures of a number of flowering plants, learn vocabulary naming the parts of the flower, and create a giant model of a flowering plant and label it.


All Nasco Science Lessons come with a list of materials needed, an activity sheet, and a list of products that can be ordered online.

Our Nasco Science website has plenty of Science products that will help you meet the Science needs of today’s students. And all STEM-marked products and lesson plans meet STEM curriculum requirements.

Questions on any of our products? Feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Center at 1.800.558.9595 or visit our website at

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